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Mar 10
Amanda Knoke
From Pastor Chuck ... I wanted to share a praise with you all: Many remember that early in my hormone theraphy treatment I was trying to decide whether or not to use chemotherapy as a treatment option for the cancer. The Abbott Hospital doctor said...
Mar 9
Amanda Knoke
From BCS ... Bethlehem College and Seminary has reached an important milestone on the path to accreditation. The Association for Biblical Higher Education's Accreditation Commission, at its February 2014 meeting, granted BCS a "Visit for Candidacy...
Mar 7
Jason Meyer
The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany my sermon on March 8/9, "Adult Discipleship" (Acts 20:17–35) in the series "Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA." The questions can be used for discussion in small groups...
Mar 6
Amanda Knoke
Last weekend, Pastor Jason continued his Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA sermon series and focused on the Bethlehem priority of Biblical Counseling. The following is a definition of this priority: Biblical Counseling is an expression of our...
Feb 28
Ruth Gulbranson
The Bethlehem DNA Information Card provides a guide for the "Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA" sermon series and the Q & A sessions with the pastors, elders, and congregation. The card has been updated with changes to South Campus Q & A...
Feb 26
Amanda Knoke
During the week of February 16, the Downtown, North, and South campuses all held “Q & A on Our DNA” sessions with pastors and leaders from their respective campuses. The focus of the questions was on Up-Reach (i.e., the Bethlehem Elder...
Feb 25
Amanda Knoke
As Pastor Jason continues his Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA sermon series, we'll post the relevant definitions of Bethlehem priorities. Use the Updates Blog posts on Bethlehem In-Reach categories to learn more about where God seems to be...
Feb 21
Amanda Knoke
Note for Downtown Campus 9am Attenders (Sunday, February 23): According to the Star Tribune, several roads will be closed near the Metrodome beginning at 5:30am through 9am, Sunday, February 23: There will be a number of road closures in the area to...
Feb 11
Amanda Knoke
Pastor Jason has been preaching on Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA over the last few weeks. Use this summary of Bethlehem Up-Reach categories to learn more about where God seems to be leading us, and come to an Up-Reach Q & A ready to help us...
Feb 4
Amanda Knoke
On Feb 1/2, Pastor Jason began a 10-week sermon series, "Aflame for the Name: Bethlehem DNA." He explained that based on a bedrock of 10 biblical essentials—things that must be true for a church to be a biblical church—the elders have identified 14...
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