Marc Heinrich
Date Written: 
June 1, 2007
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Marc Heinrich 


Lord, I kneel at Your throne needing grace for the hour  

Holding onto Your Word, knowing Yours is the power.  

Pressing on for the prize, through the sorrow and pain,  

May I always rejoice and delight in Your name.  


I'll stand on Your promises.  

I'll stand in the grace You give. 

I'll stand when the dark-ness falls.  

Upheld by Your right hand I'll stand.  


Any thing I thought gain let me count it as loss.  

May the fragrance I leave be of Christ and the Cross.  

Any so-called success, any measure of fame, 

May it glorify You, for the sake of Your name. 


In my talents and gifts, in the Word I apply. 

May humility reign in the strength You supply 

And should I persevere in the faith You have sown  

Then Your glory I'll sing when I stand at Your throne. 


If You should mark my sin Lord, how could I stand?       

You reach down from the cross Lord, and take my hand. 


© 2007 Further Up & Further In Music.  


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