Marc Heinrich
Date Written: 
June 19, 2008


The Living Word 

Marc Heinrich 


There’s a Word that offers healing 

A Word of joy 

A Word of life 

A Word in sorrow 

A Word revealing 

The Living Word, Jesus Christ. 


You were there in the beginning 

When You spoke the worlds became 

Then becoming flesh You set aside Your fame. 

By Your word You laid Your life down 

Conquered death to rise and reign 

And with eyes of flaming fire You’ll come again, 

The Living Word. 


There’s a Word that values justice 

A Word of peace 

A Word of might 

A Word of vengeance 

A Word of solace 

The Living Word, Jesus Christ. 


There’s a Word that tells the story 

A Word of hope 

A Word of light 

A Word of heaven 

A Word of glory 

The Living Word, Jesus Christ. 



The Living Word… Jesus Christ (4x) 


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