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Date Given: 
April 17, 2010

Listen to a Q & A session with a panel of five Bethlehem pastors (our Lead Pastors and Campus Pastors):

  • John Piper, Pastor for Preaching & Vision
  • Jon Grano, Lead Pastor for Operations
  • Dan Holst, North Campus Pastor for Worship & Vision (also serving as North Campus Pastor)
  • David Livingston, Pastor for Shepherd Groups & Adult Ministries (also serving as the South Campus Pastor)
  • David Michael, Pastor for Parenting & Family Discipleship.

Questions asked that evening:

  1. Why are we having a question and answer session tonight?
  2. Is it possible to know with absolute certainty that Jesus rose from the dead?
  3. My sister committed adultery that ended her marriage. Since the divorce she has had multiple sinful relationships. She seems unrepentant, but considers herself a Christian. She is now engaged to be married again. How do I respond with grace and truth? Should I be supportive?
  4. In Romans 7 Paul talks about the law and the Gospel. Is it true with all the commandments in the Bible that they can cause us to sin, and how should we approach the commandments?
  5. Are we going to wait until the North Campus debt is paid off before we purchase a South Campus?
  6. My husband and I were involved for 35 years in a particular church. Now we’re here. Lots of people have been here for a long time, very involved in ministry. Is there a place here for us? How do we get involved in ministry here?
  7. A few years ago Pastor John preached on a more relational culture at Bethlehem. How do you think we’re doing and can we improve?
  8. For 36 years I’ve prayed for God to call my Dad to Himself. He’s 91 years old, and the mountain I pray against is his unbelief. What did Jesus mean Matthew 21:22 when he says “and whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith”?
  9. What does it mean to be a Campus Pastor? What role, responsibility, and authority do they have? Same questions for the Lead Team?
  10. What is judging? Is it ever okay to judge?
  11. Singleness is a high calling, so why isn’t there more practical ministry support for singles, as there is for married folks?
  12. Sometimes when I come in to the worship service I don’t have a heart of worship. What should I do? I know I should pray, but then what? Should I sing if I don’t feel it? I don’t want my worship to be insulting?
  13. Are there any plans to revisit the issue of requiring believer’s baptism in order to become a member at Bethlehem?
  14. I have a friend who has been separated from his wife for 20 years. I’ve been praying for my friend for years. There isn’t much sign of them getting back together. How long do you wait, and how should I pray for him?

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