Nichole Wells
Date Given: 
April 17, 2012

Nicole Wells was one of three MOMS to share on April 17, 2012 at the Downtown campus.

Nichole grew up in southwestern Minnesota, in a town with a population of 170 and is the oldest of three kids. She attended the University of Minnesota for nursing, and married Patrick in 2005.  Her son, Crosby, was born in April 2008 and son, Blaize, in February 2010. She is a stay-at-home mom, as well as working at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in the area of bone transplants and at the Institute fo Low Back and Neck Care in the procedure/injections area.

Nichole and her family recently moved to North Oaks, and are now transitioning to North campus. They have been at Bethlehem for 9 years and she has attended MOMS for 4 years. She loves being outdoors, working out, baking, dancing with her kids and shopping at garage sales.

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