Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.—John 14:13

Need Prayer?

Prayer Requests

  • Put your request on The Table (Bethlehem's online community), so that the congregation can pray with you. Not familair with the Table? Read more.
  • Write a prayer request on the tear-off portion of your weekend worship bulletin and place it in the offering or in the wood boxes outside the Sanctuary. The staff prays every week for these requests.
  • Email your prayer request to your campus so that the staff may pray with you:
  • Call the church office with your request so that the staff may pray:
    • Downtown: 612-338-7653
    • North: 612-455-0800
    • South: 612-746-2650

Pray With Someone

  • Come to the front of the Sanctuary following a weekend worship service for prayer with a pastor or member of the prayer team.
  • Request that the elders pray over you, anointing you with oil. Contact Lynda Hansen, (612-455-0800 x805) for more information.

Prayer Opportunities

  • Attend a weekly morning or pre-service prayer meeting at our campuses (see calendar).
    • Sundays (Pre-Service)
      • 8:15am, Downtown (Room 114; see map [pdf])
        North (Prayer Room, north of Sanctuary; see map [pdf])
      • 9:15am, South (Lakeville South High School, Room E101; see map [pdf])
    • Tuesdays
      • South (501 Bldg, Conference Room; see map [pdf])
    • Wednesdays
      • 7am, South (501 Bldg, Conference Room; see map [pdf])
    • Fridays
      • 6:30am, Downtown (Commons)
    • Saturdays (Pre-Service)
      • 4:45pm, Downtown (Room 114; see map [pdf])

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