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Pastor of City of Joy Fellowship, East St Louis, IL

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Kempton spent the first years of his life in East St. Louis, Illinois. During his early teen years, Kempton’s family moved to Houston, where he attended high school. Although he responded to the gospel and was baptized at age 12, it was not until age 19, following some years of careless living, that Kempton came to the end of himself and experienced true repentance and the transforming power of Christ.
He most recently served as Sr High pastor at the Downtown Campus for 7 years before becoming the Church Planting Resident under the oversight of the elders. Kempton's prayer and hope is that the Lord would establish a joyful, loving, Christ-magnifying local church in his hometown of East St. Louis in 2015. 

Kempton and his childhood sweetheart, Caryn, have been happily married since 1999, and the Lord has blessed them with four children, Christian, Carysse, Kalia, and Caleb.

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