All who are sent on a short-term trip by Bethlehem must complete our Short-Term Ministry Trip Application. This includes both individual short-term trips through agencies (such as Converge, Campus Outreach, etc.) as well as Bethlehem-sponsored short-term trips. 


If you are interested in being considered to lead future Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips, contact the Global Outreach Department (


Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips


Each year, Bethlehem takes a number of short-term ministry trips to bless and support our global partners and other ministry connections.


Availability for trips is limited, so applying does not guarantee a spot on the trip. You will be contacted by the Global Outreach Department once your application has been processed. All trips are ranked on a scale from one to three based upon the level of spiritual maturity needed for each trip.



Sweden: May 27–June 8 (Level 1)
Fact Sheet | Application 


We will focus on prayer and helping local churches, church planters, missionaries and Cru ministries in Sweden by listening, learning, helping, encouraging and then praying and helping more with the insight they give us.
Size: 12
Cost: ~$ 3100


Ohio: June 12–18 (Level 1)
Fact Sheet | Application


We will partner with our Global Partners encouraging those who are and will be serving behind the scenes in missionary aviation. As the adults are in the plenary session for the spiritual life conference we will be working with the children.
Size: 8–12
Cost: ~$200


San Diego: July 25– August 1 (Level 1)

Fact Sheet | Application  

We will partner with one of our TCT church planters in San Diego for a project called “Serve the City.” They gather the local kids every year for a basketball camp and also do other service projects around the city.
Size: 20
Cost: ~$550


Dominican Republic: July 10–24 (Level 1)
Fact Sheet | Application   

We will support a local church in the Dominican Republic with community development, children's Bible school, evangelism, and community outreach.
Size: 10–25
Cost: ~$2000


Northern Ireland: July 17–31 (Level 1)
Fact Sheet | Application


We will be partnering with two churches in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland to minister to the Catholic communities in the area.  We will reach out in love by having teas for the ladies, kids programs, sports for the youth, and evening activities for all ages.
Size: 4–15
Cost: ~$2100


SE Asia: July 15–Aug 1st. and July 15– Aug 13 (Level 3)
Fact Sheet | Application


We will directly assist our Global Partner’s efforts to see the gospel transform this almost 100% Islamic group. We will experience the Sea Tribe culture up-close and in-person with the assistance of the national guides. In the villages we will participate in community development programs, traditional Sea Tribe cultural events, and local sports.
Size: 10–15
Cost: ~$3700 and $4300


Guatemala: August (Level 2)

Fact Sheet | Application 


We will partner with our Global Partners by helping build an extra classroom for a rural school. 

*South Campus trip.

Size: 10–12
Cost: ~$2400


Club 4th/Thailand: August 6–16 (Level 2)
Fact Sheet | Application  


We will be providing the programming for children and youth (ages 4–11) at a family spiritual life conference.

Size: 25–30
Cost: ~$2,500


Congo: November 10–23 (Level 3)

Fact Sheet | Application

This will be a prayer/vision trip, and we will be observing and learning about both the physical and spiritual needs in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Size: 6
Cost: ~$2900

Burkina Faso: December 27, 2015—January 8, 2016 (Level 2)


Team will assist in project activities designed to create learning opportunities where local health and community people are equipped and empowered to build healthy and developing communities. 

Size: 25+
Cost: ~$ 3300

Bosnia: December 27, 2015- January 8, 2016 (Level 2)

Team will build relationships to share the love of Christ through a snowboard and ski camp.
Size: 8-10
Cost: $2100

North Africa: January 2016

Team will help serve the community at a local English-language school, to have intentional conversation about spiritual things, and to help identify and develop strategic relationships for the long-term team to follow-up with.








Team will help serve the community at a local English-language school, to have intentional conversation about spiritual things, and to help identify and develop strategic relationships for the long-term team to follow-up with.

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