All who are sent on a short-term trip by Bethlehem must complete our Short-Term Ministry Trip Application. This includes both individual short-term trips through agencies (such as Converge, Campus Outreach, etc.) as well as Bethlehem-sponsored short-term trips.  

If you are interested in being considered to lead future Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips, contact the Global Outreach Department.

Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips

Each year, Bethlehem takes a number of short-term ministry trips to bless and support our global partners and other ministry connections.

Availability for trips is limited, so applying does not guarantee a spot on the trip. You will be contacted by the Global Outreach Department once your application has been processed. All trips are ranked on a scale from one to three based upon the level of spiritual maturity needed for each trip.

Learn more about the trips with details and "Fact Sheets" below ...



COMPLETED - Senegal 

COMPLETED - Thailand (ELIC) 

COMPLETED - Costa Rica 


Uganda, May 12–26, 2017

Team Leader: Bob Horning          Email: 

Fact Sheet | Team is full

This team will be distributing wheelchairs.

Team Size: 6-10 | Estimated Cost: $3,200


Sweden, May 25 - June 7, 2017  (Level 1)

Team Leader: Paul Lindberg          Email:

Fact Sheet  | Team is full

The Team will provide onsite prayer and hands-on help to local churches, church planters, missionaries and Cru ministry.

Team Size: 8–10 | Estimated Cost: $3,100 


Ohio, June 3 - 9, 2017 (Level 1)

Team Leader: Vaughn Blackburn


Fact Sheet | Application

This trip is great for people who love working with kids of all ages. This team will be providing programing for children while their parents are in a spiritual life conference. 

Team Size: 8–20 | Estimated Cost: $300


Treasuring Christ in Ireland: South Campus Choir Tour, June 2–15, 2017 (Level 1)

Admin. Team Leader: Laur Weisemsel      Email: 

Fact Sheet | Application

The Bethlehem South Campus Choir is delighted to partner with EdenGate Travel & Missions in order to proclaim the name of Jesus in the Republic of Ireland. Through this gospel partnership, we hope to give glory to God through music and his word and by building friendships.
Size: Up to 55 team members, (primarily of Bethlehem South Campus Choir singers, prayer, and logistics support) | Estimated Cost: $3,500


Southeast Asia, June 5-25 2017 (Level 3)

Team Leader: Joe Fast       Email: 

Fact Sheet COMING SOON | Applicaiton

This team will be partnering with on of our Global Partners doing VBS and ESL.

Team Size: TBD | Estimated Cost: $3,200


Cass Lake, June 10–18, 2017 (Level 1)

Team Leader: Greg Mott        Email: 

Fact Sheet | Applicaiton 

Will be building relationships with the native people at Cass Lake, MN through backyard Bible clubs, basketball and home visits. 

Team Size: 8–20 | Estimated Cost: $300 per person or $600 for a family of four 


San Diego, June 17-26, 2007 (Level 1) 

Co-Team Leaders:   Jon Nowlin        Email:

                             Mary Butler      Email:

Fact Sheet | Applicaiton

This team will be leading a community basketball camp through a project called “Serve the City.”

Team Size: 5–15 | Estimated Cost: $800


Poland, June 22–July 2, 2017 (Level 1)

This trip is being refocused. Please contact the STMM office at if you would like more information on this trip. 

Team Size: 6–8  | Estimated Cost: $3,200


Southeast Asia, July1–18 (2 weeks) & July 1–30 (4 weeks)  (Level 3)

Co-Team Leader: Hannah Biros       Email: 

Fact Sheet | Applicaiton 

The team visits as “tourists” which gives the team a unique entry into the live of the Sea Tribe people as we live among them. In the villages we will participate in community development programs, traditional Sea Tribe cultural events and local sports. The team has the opportunity to bless these people spiritually as they share their faith through the course of natural conversation. 

Team Size: 6–12 | Estimated Cost: $3,200 or $4,000


Central Asia, July 7-16, 2017 (Level 2)

Team Leader: Courtney Ayers         Email: 

Fact Sheet COMING SOON | Application 

This trip will take medical staff over to work at a small village clinic to support global partners in their work there.  We are looking for doctors, nurses, PTs and OTs. There will also be some special need ministry involved as well, so we'd love to have any special ed teachers or other types of therapists or anyone interested in special need ministry overseas.

Team Size: 4–6 | Estimated Cost: $2,800


East Asia, July 15-26, 2017 (Level 2)

Team Leader: Brent Cramer     Email:

Fact Sheet COMING SOON | Applicaiton

This team will be going to East Asia to provide support and prayer support to our global partners. 

Team Size: 6–8 | Estimated Cost: $3,000


Dominican Republic & Haiti, July 21-Aug 6, 2017 (Level 1)

Team Leader: Ken Schlorf     Email

Fact Sheet | Applicaiton

This team will be participating in a variety of ministries the will strengthen the church’s impact in the Dominican. While in Haiti this team will minister to the poorest of poor.

Team Size: 15–25 | Estimated Cost: $2,300


India, August 12-27, 2017 (Level 3)

Team Leader: Erin Carlson        Email: 

Fact Sheet | Team is full

This team assists in leading a one-day women’s conference in a verity of churches in India. 

Team Size: 6–8 | Estimated Cost: $2,900


Club 4th — Turkey, May 24 - June 4

Team Leader: Corrie Ayers         Email: 

Fact Sheet COMING SOON | Applicaiton COMING SOON

On this trip the team provides programming for children and youth (birth – 16) at a family spiritual life conference. To learn more, visit

Team Size: 20 | Estimated Cost: $2,700 


Club 4th — Germany, August 2–14, 2017 

Team Leader: Corrie Ayers         Email: 

Fact Sheet COMING SOON | Applicaiton COMING SOON

On this trip the team provides programming for children and youth (birth – 16) at a family spiritual life conference. To learn more, visit

Team Size: 40 | Estimated Cost: $2,400


Santisuk (Individual Trip): Self-Scheduled, 1–12 months (Level 1)

Fact Sheet
| Please contact the Short-Term Ministry office,, for an application. 

Teaching one or more of the 4 levels of evangelistic English classes to Thai students. Build relationships with them to share the gospel.
Size: 1–15 | Estimated Cost: ~$ 2,400


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