All who are sent on a short-term trip by Bethlehem must complete our Short-Term Ministry Trip Application. This includes both individual short-term trips through agencies (such as Converge, Campus Outreach, etc.) as well as Bethlehem-sponsored short-term trips. 

If you are interested in being considered to lead future Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips, contact the Global Outreach Department (

Bethlehem Short-Term Ministry Trips

Each year, Bethlehem takes a number of short-term ministry trips to bless and support our global partners and other ministry connections.

Availability for trips is limited, so applying does not guarantee a spot on the trip. You will be contacted by the Global Outreach Department once your application has been processed. All trips are ranked on a scale from one to three based upon the level of spiritual maturity needed for each trip.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – January 2015 – Level 2 – Application

We will be partnering with a Bethlehem global partner to help put on a snowboarding camp and reach out to students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Cost: ~$2200

Application Deadline: October 1, 2014

Senegal – January 2015 – Level 2 - Application 

We will join with a national ministry to help put on an ESL camp for Senegalese college students during a week-long camp.

Size: 5–8

Cost: ~$3000

Application Deadline: October 1, 2014

CLUB 4th Thailand – January 6–19 – Level 1 – Application

Size: 15–20

Cost: $2500

Application Deadline: October 1, 2014

CLUB 4th

CLUB 4th is an organization developed around the unique needs of Third Culture Kids (TCK's) with the desire and purpose to help them connect with and grow in their understanding and practical living of the 4th Culture (God's Kingdom culture).

Visit their website or contact for more information.

Crisis Response

Since no one is able to schedule crises, our goal is to have a network of volunteers who can gather on short notice to deploy to a crisis area and provide critical supplies, spiritual, and emotional care. We are also providing training for volunteers (and others interested) to be equipped to minister both to those affected by large-scale disasters as well as personal crises.

Contact the Global Outreach Dept ( for more information about our Crisis Response Team.

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