We have based our missions policies on our 14 Driving Convictions.

What is the process for being sent as a global partner from Bethlehem?

What does long-term (or career) global outreach look like at Bethlehem?

Global Outreach is defined as going for more than two years to a cross-cultural international location. (See a list of Bethlehem's career global partners.)

Our career global outreach policy covers...

  • Priorities in Career Global Outreach
  • Types of Global Partner Outreach
  • Qualifications
  • Bethlehem's Relationship With Mission Agencies
  • Financial Support
  • Fund-Raising at Bethlehem
  • Expectations of Our Global Partners

So then what is "mid-term" global outreach?

  • Cross-cultural international ministry for 6-24 months
  • A great next step for those considering career global outreach service, or a way for "senders" to have a better understanding as life as a World Christian
  • Read more on our requirements in the mid-term policy

Do you send short-term teams?

Short-term ministry is a cross-cultural outreach opportunity lasting 1-20 weeks. Our Short Term Ministry Mobilization department handles all trips in this time frame.

What if I am a member of another church? Can I still be supported by Bethlehem?

We will consider non-member global partner applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • committed to working with unreached or least-reached people groups with the goal of planting indigenous churches
  • committed to working on the same team with a Bethlehem-supported global partner
  • committed to career service in global outreach
  • connected to the same mission agency and to the same (or similar) people group as a current Bethlehem-supported global partner, but working in a different location
  • gifted with unique qualities, skills, training and/or experience which would meet an expressed need of a particular unreached or least-reached field
  • have fulfilled most of the Bethlehem Nurture Program requirements or its functional equivalents

Read more information in our "Policy for Supporting Non-Members", or contact the Global Outreach Department (612-338-7653 x432).

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