What is the Global Diaconate?

The Global Diaconate (GD) is one of Bethlehem’s means of caring for the poor and suffering throughout the world. The GD task force oversees the disbursement of Bethlehem funds to strategic ministries of mercy who use this money to provide care for the hurting and poverty alleviation all in Jesus’ name.

What does the Global Diaconate task force do?

The GD task force meets monthly in order to review funding proposals, pray for current projects, and hear project updates from those working on the field.

How does the Global Diaconate task force decide whom to support?

The GD task force determines project funding based upon three different priorities:

  1. Needs among the poorest of the poor where Bethlehem-supported global partners are working.
  2. Needs among the poorest of the poor where trusted global partners or organization are working.
  3. Needs among the poorest of the poor where relationships of trust are formed. 

Where does the Global Diaconate’s funding come from?

A portion of every dollar given to Bethlehem's Church & Missions operating budget is allocated to the GD in order to make sure that we are remembering the poor and the suffering.

Global Diaconate Giving Summary

Since 2005, the Global Diaconate has given over $1.1 million through grants and programs; that giving equals to nearly $110,000 a year. 

Grant Amount by Category

  • Priority 1—Where Bethlehem-supported global partners are working: 81% of funds
  • Priority 2—Where trusted global partners or organizations are working: 14% of funds
  • Priority 3—Where relationships of trust are formed: 5% of funds

Grant Amount by Type of Funding

  • Relief—Immediate, temporary aid: 32% of funds
  • Rehabilitation—Recovery process: 13% of funds
  • Development—Ongoing process to improve lives: 55% of funds 

Grant Amount by Region

  • Asia: 35%
  • Africa: 32%
  • Undisclosed: 15%
  • Middle East: 14%
  • Central & Eastern Europe: 2%
  • Caribbean: 2%

If you are interested in joining the Global Diaconate task force or learning more about this ministry, contact global@hopeinGod.org

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