Steps to Schedule and Publicize a Ministry Event

  1. Get permission from a Bethlehem pastor to hold and publicize the event. Pastoral approval is needed for all of the following:
    • a Bethlehem-sponsored event held off-site
    • an event sponsored by a group affiliated with Bethlehem that is held at Bethlehem or off-site (which you wish to publicize through a Bethlehem newsletter, poster, etc.)
    • an event that required publicity only (e.g., March for Life at the Capitol)
  2. Fill out the Event Request Form at least two weeks in advance (more advance notice is required for some events). This form is your means to ...
    • Secure a meeting place (if necessary)
    • Request that your event be posted on the website
    • Request that your event be advertised in the Star newsletter/e-newsletter
  3. Wait for confirmation from the Operations Department.

For events happening less than two weeks away (or if you have questions), please contact our Coordinator for Church Calendar, Lynda Hansen (612-455-0800 x800).

Request a Vehicle

If you would like to request a vehicle for your event, please fill out this form (mobile version here). Questions? Contact Scott Brueske (612-338-7653 x465).

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