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Feb 4
Sam Crabtree
One of our staff recently received this email: I doubt that Sam will remember this, but when he served on the staff at Brookings Wesleyan Church, their staff team would come and have coffee and meetings at a restaurant I managed. I remember their...
Feb 1
Bryan DeWire
Now that the numbers are all in, how did God provide financially for the church and some of our partner ministries in 2012?  We asked leaders from Bethlehem Baptist Church (BBC), Desiring God (DG), Bethlehem College and Seminary (BCS),...
Jan 31
Sam Crabtree
At a recent elder meeting, Klass Van Zee led devotions after first handing each elder a copy of Stuart Scott’s 32-page booklet, From Pride to Humility: A Biblical Perspective. We cannot come to God without humility. “Those who think too much of...
Jan 30
Sam Crabtree
What do pastors do at their twice annual “Pray & Plan” retreats?  For one thing, they pray. We share two hours each morning, fasting through breakfast, singing together, hearing from the Word, and praying together. In addition we regularly...
Jan 29
Sam Crabtree
Doug Sauter, leader of 4KIDS, a ministry to orphaned children, wrote a book, The One Factor: How One Changes Everything. Here are nine excerpts: If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito.—...
Jan 28
Sam Crabtree
I have believed generally that we sin because we get (or imagine we will get) some benefit from the sinning. But I recently read Michael Atchison say, “Envy is the one sin you gain nothing from.” Is that true? I thought that the person envying is...
Jan 25
Sam Crabtree
Hats off to Chris Powers and Jonathan Davis for recording and editing the mini-documentary shown at the Jason Meyer Installation Service Sunday, January 20. (And more hats off to Rick Busch, Laur & Nick Weisensel, and Francis Cheung who were...
Jan 23
Bryan DeWire
Busloads of Bethlehem folks joined thousands of others who braved the arctic cold to march for life at the state capitol in St. Paul yesterday, the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court error that has resulted in the willful slaughter of over 50...
Jan 22
Sam Crabtree
We just marked the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. One of Bethlehem’s “Ten Dimensions” is racial harmony. A legitimate question has been, “When John Piper steps down as senior leader at Bethlehem, what will happen to the value placed upon...
Jan 18
Bryan DeWire
I want to interact about the gospel with believers and non-believers alike, but I tend to get “intense” if the conversation takes a turn that I don’t agree with. I often feel like I need to defend God or something. Do you have any counsel for me?...
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