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Jun 3
Sam Crabtree
Bethlehem pastors turn in weekly accountability reports on which they are asked to report their “mods” for the week. I was asked to explain here what mods are. Each day is divided into three segments, called “mods.” Mod 1: The morning, everything up...
May 31
Sam Crabtree
“Pleasing God includes rest.” —Jim Anderson
May 30
Sam Crabtree
“It is impossible for a human to deserve anything good from God.” —John Piper, at a recent Bethlehem College and Seminary donor dinner
May 29
Sam Crabtree
“There’s no way to lose in prayer.” —Dave Zuleger, Pastoral Assistant for Pastor Jason Meyer, in a recent staff meeting
May 28
Sam Crabtree
“The institutional church should be a pathway to a grander destination. We’ve sometimes made the institutional church a destination unto itself.”—Comment on Out of Ur (blog of Leadership Journal, March 2008) “We’ve learned we don...
May 24
Sam Crabtree
The weekend of Mother's Day I prayed a prayer of blessing on the children being dedicated. I was asked to post the prayer, so here it is. Our Father, on this Mother's Day weekend, we praise our heavenly Father who knit each of us together...
May 22
Sam Crabtree
Here is what I wrote to the Minneapolis StarTribune: One of the secondary outcomes of marriage legislation like that recently passed in Minnesota is that lexicographers will search for new vocabulary to distinguish between different kinds of...
May 21
Sam Crabtree
That’s how Charles Wesley put it. When pondering the amazing love of God for sinners, it seems like a waste of such excellent love. Who can explain such love? Where does it come from? Wesley’s lines are these: Whence to me this waste of love?Ask my...
May 20
Sam Crabtree
“If we’d put more Bibles in the high schools, we’d need less of them in the prisons.” —Ravi Zacharias, in a speech at the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington (MN) two weeks ago
May 17
Bryan DeWire
How do I speak to my gay friend? Matt Reagan, an elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church and a staff member with Campus Outreach, spoke on the title of this post after receiving the following email (the name of the woman has been changed): Hey Matt it’s [...
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