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May 20
Sam Crabtree
“If we’d put more Bibles in the high schools, we’d need less of them in the prisons.” —Ravi Zacharias, in a speech at the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington (MN) two weeks ago
May 17
Bryan DeWire
How do I speak to my gay friend? Matt Reagan, an elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church and a staff member with Campus Outreach, spoke on the title of this post after receiving the following email (the name of the woman has been changed): Hey Matt it’s [...
May 16
Sam Crabtree
When a desire is elevated to a demand, an idol is talking. Challenge: Turn indicatives (statements) into interrogatives (questions). If you leave them as statements (judgments), you will remain stuck where you are in your thinking. Questions...
May 15
Sam Crabtree
According to Amber & David Lapp,* 43% of high-school educated adults say that marriage has not worked out for most people they know. Though I can imagine what they mean by “not worked out,” I wonder how many high school graduates know what...
May 14
Sam Crabtree
The Board of Bethlehem College and Seminary meets on Thursday, May 16, as does the Board of Desiring God. Both Boards operate under the authority of the Elder Council of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Ask God to … • Give them vision for ministry...
May 13
Sam Crabtree
“Which parent do I not need, my mother or my father?” one of my 11-year-old heroes, Grace Evans, asked legislators on the House Civil Law committee during a hearing on HR1054, a bill to legalize so-called “gay marriage.” She respectfully waited for...
May 10
Bryan DeWire
What is a Barnabas Support Group, and how do I get into one? A Barnabas Support Team is a small group (six to twelve) of committed people who come together to care for their global partner in a variety of ways, striving to help meet their physical,...
May 9
Sam Crabtree
Every star in the sky, every note that is sung, every bird that flies, and every game that is won … Every business transaction made, every news broadcast recorded, every brick that is laid, and every sock that is sorted … Jesus reigns at the bus...
May 8
Sam Crabtree
If you attend Bethlehem Baptist Church, your photo could help us. Here’s how: We are a large enough church that our leaders don’t personally know all 7,000 people who call Bethlehem their church, and when a name is mentioned in a meeting, a photo of...
May 7
Sam Crabtree
It is a wife that makes a man a husband. Jesus is not betrothed to a groom. So-called "gay marriage" legislation misses the point of marriage. The MN House has scheduled a vote on the same-sex "marriage" bill this Thursday, May 9. This implies that...
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