Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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May 18
Sam Crabtree

Q: Would Bethlehem grant Jason Meyer the power to "start over" in terms of building his own pastoral staff or will the default be to keep around the current staff? 

A: While the senior leader has significant influence in shaping the make-up of...
May 17
Sam Crabtree
This simple gospel statement was something Mike Tong crafted for sharing with kids at H3G (Hoops, Hip-Hop & the Gospel) three summers ago. "The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ died for sins and rose from the dead, removing God’s wrath...
May 16
Sam Crabtree
Here are four different ways to present the gospel in one single sentence: 1. Jesus saves sinners.2. We had it all; we lost it all; he did it all; we get it all.3. You are more sinful than you give yourself credit for and more loved—in Christ—than...
May 15
Sam Crabtree
May it not be said that the gospel could not be found in Pastor Sam’s Blog. To that end, this week we are publishing a few simple, clear gospel presentations that you can use for personal evangelism, for explaining salvation to your children, for...
May 14
Sam Crabtree
Bethlehem College and Seminary will hold its Commencement exercises this Friday at 7pm in Bethlehem’s Downtown Campus Sanctuary. More than 30 students will be capping their educational career at BCS, including the first class of Master of...
May 11
Sam Crabtree
While we are in the process of transition with our senior leader, a question related to church size came up. For example ... Q: Is there an “ideal” size congregation? A: Ideal in all respects? No, not in this life. There will be an ideal size in...
May 10
Sam Crabtree
When I was in the Arab world last year, I met an underground blogger (pen name: Al Edwards) who said this: “Jesus informs his disciple, Simon Peter, that Satan has demanded permission to sift him as wheat. In Job chapter 1, we see Satan complaining...
May 9
Sam Crabtree
Bethlehem has recently hired a part-time Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Stokes, whose primary responsibility will be to create a dynamic list of volunteer needs for the church, to assist Lead Pastors in finding gifted volunteers equipped by the Lord...
May 8
Sam Crabtree
We are not merely to understand God, but to love God with all our mind. Knowing him facilitates loving him. Studying him facilitates knowing him. Caution: Perhaps no one has studied God more thoroughly than Satan, and he hasn’t produced love....
May 7
Sam Crabtree
When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he did not merely enliven inactive limbs, or awaken an otherwise healthy but sleeping individual. ... Rather, he restored material flesh to a body that had decayed to the point of stinking. Jesus had to...
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