Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Aug 8
Sam Crabtree
When our elders don’t know what to do, they know what to do about not knowing what to do: They pray.
Aug 7
Sam Crabtree
Jesus doesn’t merely bring news; he is news. He doesn’t merely reveal things about the creator God; he is that God. Jesus is himself newsworthy, and his bringing of news from the Father is also newsworthy. He is the radiance of the glory of God and...
Aug 6
Sam Crabtree
“If one says, ‘I want to do evangelism [or church planting],’ I should ask, ‘what will you tell them?’ Whatever one tells the lost will necessarily be doctrine.” —from “The Importance of Being More Than Earnest” by R. Scott Clark in Modern...
Aug 3
Sam Crabtree
"In John 14:17, Jesus says the Holy Spirit dwells WITH you and will be IN you. Since Pentecost, is the Holy Spirit IN all Christians, or does he dwell WITH some and IN others? If so, what's the difference?" This question was answered by Joe Rigney (...
Aug 2
Sam Crabtree
She’s normal.
Aug 1
Sam Crabtree
“Satan loves disorder and error, both schism and heresy. One weakens the body by amputation, the other by poisoning. By both he keeps the church in constant turmoil. But polemics (rigorous defense of the truth) is never the problem.”—from “How to Be...
Jul 31
Sam Crabtree
Zippers that don’t workHot foods served lukewarmWasting leftoversBeing misunderstoodSloppy journalismDisobedient children left uncorrected by their parentsCranky tone of voice Things God HatesChild sacrifice (Deuteronomy 12:31)Haughty eyes (...
Jul 30
Sam Crabtree
It is virtually impossible to exaggerate the importance of love. Nothing is more basic to true spirituality that this singular virtue. Nothing is more central to Christian living. At the very heart of authentic discipleship is love. Without love, we...
Jul 27
Sam Crabtree
As an Elder Council and staff, what do you make of the global economic crisis (e.g. in Greece), especially as it may be a prelude to America's financial demise? Our unfunded government entitlement programs make our economy exponentially worse over...
Jul 26
Sam Crabtree
Mark well the distinction between the love of the Father for the Son and love of the Son for the Father. Not once is there any hint that the Son commissions the Father. Not once is there a hint that the Father submits to the Son or is dependent on...
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