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Feb 15
Bryan DeWire
At our most recent quarterly strategy meeting, Pastor Ken Currie suggested that Bethlehem’s new leadership trio host Q & A forums. This new trio consists of: Pastor Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching & Vision Pastor Ken Currie, Pastor for...
Feb 14
Sam Crabtree
What you say can change a life. I recently read a book (same title as the title of this post) containing 40 stories compiled by Michelle Cox and John Perrodin emphasizing the influence for good of a word spoken in due season. We tend to forget what...
Feb 13
Sam Crabtree
When giving his keynote address at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors last week, Mack (who I heard preach when I was in Dubai) made the following points: The quickest route to heresy is the contextualization of mission. (Note: He is not saying...
Feb 12
Sam Crabtree
At a recent elder council meeting, Mitch tendered his openly anticipated resignation after first leading us in devotions. Since widowed by the passing of Mary 2½ years ago, Mitch has sensed a growing desire and need to give more focus to family and...
Feb 11
Sam Crabtree
At the Desiring God Conference for Pastors last week, Darrin Patrick described a man who consciously pauses each time he enters a room—the kitchen, office, bedroom, restaurant—and asks, “Jesus, what are you doing here?” He is asking Jesus to reveal...
Feb 8
Sam Crabtree
During Pastor Jason Meyer’s keynote address at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors earlier this week, I started taking notes with the intention of blogging some of the highlights. But his remarks were so packed, so full, so rich, so dense with...
Feb 7
Sam Crabtree
Pastors are people who cannot do their work without words. Our words are massively important. But if we think our words are decisive in bearing spiritual fruit, then we have become “professionals” and stopped relying on God to do the decisive work...
Feb 6
Sam Crabtree
  Here are five excerpts: Success comes from knowing and doing God’s word. We cannot be profoundly influenced by that which we do not know. Success is equally available to all of us. In large part, it is measured by faithfulness. Success is...
Feb 5
Sam Crabtree
Yesterday I introduced Mark Dever who spoke to about 900 pastors at a “pre-conference” sponsored by the Fidelis Foundation. Here are seven excerpts: The most fundamental disciple-making element: preaching. Preaching creates His people, convicts His...
Feb 4
Sam Crabtree
One of our staff recently received this email: I doubt that Sam will remember this, but when he served on the staff at Brookings Wesleyan Church, their staff team would come and have coffee and meetings at a restaurant I managed. I remember their...
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