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Feb 17
Sam Crabtree
Once upon a time I did college ministry. Ralph, one of the students in that ministry died this past week. He had written this in his Christmas letter: “A life with cancer that God has sovereignly ordained as His will for me has brought the greatest...
Feb 13
Sam Crabtree
The 26th annual pastors conference was attended by 1,632 conferees, 47 exhibitors, and 25,000 who watched the event by live stream.
Feb 12
Sam Crabtree
Last week this blog posted a couple snippets of John’s remarks at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors. He spoke again, and here are a few other snippets: There is more joy to be yours than you now have. Union with Christ produces action! Satan...
Feb 11
Sam Crabtree
At the Desiring God Conference for Pastors (link) last week, Michael Horton said the following: God descends on an escalator while we foolishly attempt to run up the "down" escalator. What we receive is not Christ’s work, but himself....
Feb 9
Sam Crabtree
In digging through an old file on the subject of forgiveness, I came across a little scrap of paper on which I had scribbled the following unattributed line: “One aspect of forgiveness is assuming the consequences of somebody else’s sin.” I’d give...
Feb 6
Sam Crabtree
“Nothing in the universe is more important than union with Christ. “God is more zealous for your fruit-bearing than you are.”
Feb 5
Sam Crabtree
Speaking to hundreds of pastors at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Paul Tripp said, “Faith isn’t natural to us.  “Divine power + divine compassion = everything you need.” It occurs to me that Tripp’s statement echoes the sound theology of...
Feb 4
Sam Crabtree
Last week in referring to how he speaks to his children about obedience, he said:  Do it right away. Do it all the way. Do it with a happy heart.
Feb 3
Sam Crabtree
“Irresistible grace never implies that God forces us to repent or believe or follow Jesus against our will. That would even be a contradiction in terms because believing and repenting and following are always willing, or they are hypocrisy....
Jan 29
Sam Crabtree
“All extreme sensitiveness, fastidiousness, suspicion, readiness to take offense, and tenacity of what we think our due, come from self-love, as does the unworthy secret gratification we sometimes feel when another is humbled or mortified.” —Jean...
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