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Mar 27
Sam Crabtree
We see the sophistication, wisdom, nobility, and strength of our counterparts in a debate, and we seek to imitate them. We think that in order to win the debate, we need first to win their approval, to demonstrate to those outside the promises of...
Mar 26
Sam Crabtree
Jason Meyer’s sermon over the weekend has me pondering afresh Mark 11:16, “And he would not allow anyone to carry anything through the temple.” Jesus was not merely cleansing the temple of unscrupulous practices. He was shutting it down! In the days...
Mar 25
Sam Crabtree
You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am.—John 13:13 Jesus makes clear that it is correct to address him, describe him, and think of him as both Teacher and Lord. Stop and ponder the “and” with amazement. It is one thing to be...
Mar 22
Sam Crabtree
I believe that God is sovereign but struggle with understanding how God ordains terrible suffering and not the sin. Sex trafficking of children is the most difficult category for me. Could you help me think biblically about this issue? I deeply...
Mar 21
Sam Crabtree
Question (asked to a Chinese Christian leader): What are some of the strengths of being a church under decades of persecution? Response: It has made us clear about what we preach and believe. If we are to be persecuted for these truths, then we need...
Mar 20
Sam Crabtree
Salivate while observing a tray of frozen raspberries picked fresh from our backyard one morning last summer and frozen in our freezer a few hours later. (At our house, they find their way into bowls of cereal all winter.) As I write this, our...
Mar 19
Sam Crabtree
At the counseling seminars held at the North Campus this past weekend, guest speaker Dustin Folden said … Worry stems from assuming responsibility that is not yours. God was not on vacation when you got hurt. When your body is failing you, Christ...
Mar 18
Sam Crabtree
Lord, Give Pope Francis I eyes to see the Bible. Open his eyes to wonderful things in your word. Make him increasingly a man of the Scriptures. Incline his heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain.  Enable him to see the goodness and...
Mar 15
Bryan DeWire
Last call! This Sunday, March 17, from 12:30–1:30pm in the South Auditorium, Bethlehem's Leadership Trio will host another Q & A forum. This new trio consists of ... Pastor Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching & Vision...
Mar 14
Sam Crabtree
Having grown up at Bethlehem and married at Bethlehem, Keith Anderson now serves as Coordinator for Senior Adult Ministries. Jesus described Nathanael as a man in whom there was no guile, no deceit. I describe Keith Anderson the same way—what...
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