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Jan 1
Sam Crabtree
“The minds that are alive to every word of God, give constant opportunity for his divine interference with suggestion that may alter the courses of their lives; and, like the ships that turn when the steersman’s hand but touches the help, God can...
Dec 31
Sam Crabtree
Once upon a time there was a famous Ruler, or at least it was rumored there was.  But he was a silent Ruler. He never came out into public. No one knew exactly what he looked like. He issued no decrees. He just did what he did, and went...
Dec 30
Sam Crabtree
When Pastor Dan Holst was praying with the orchestra backstage just prior to a recent North Campus service, he thanked God for sending his Son into our lives and plans, “which wrecked everything in the best way possible.”
Dec 26
Sam Crabtree
One of our global partner teams serving in central Africa shared the following story in their last news update about their 16-year-old house helper. “I hope there's a bunch of teenagers reading this update today. This week marked Kelly's* final week...
Dec 23
Sam Crabtree
It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its Founder was a child Himself. —Charles Dickens
Dec 20
Sam Crabtree
“If you don’t love right, you won’t teach right.”  —Bishop McKinney, in Seize the Moment
Dec 19
Sam Crabtree
You can fool all the people some of the time.You can fool some of the people all of the time.But you can’t fool God ANY of the time.  It’s not how you mark you Bible; it’s how your Bible marks you. —Greg Laurie, to a group of men that included...
Dec 18
Sam Crabtree
The following was submitted by Scott Jamison. To the family to whom we are giving a meal because they are going through a challenging time: When we hand you a dish with homemade lasagna and a salad kit, or spaghetti casserole, or a turkey hot dish,...
Dec 17
Sam Crabtree
Here is a letter Pastor Kenny Stokes read to the Bethlehem staff gathered for a Christmas luncheon last week. Dear Cleon, Thank you for your 5-year partnership with me as Coordinator for Church Planting at Bethlehem. During your time, you oversaw...
Dec 16
Sam Crabtree
At a recent funeral, I heard the following two statements: He’s left the land of the dying and joined the land of the living. A righteous man speaks louder by his death than by his life.
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