Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor for Life Training.  

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Jun 7
Sam Crabtree
From my journal last week … Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.—Matthew 6:10 How can we pray such a prayer? How can we ask that things be done on earth as they are done in heaven, when we haven’t been to heaven to see...
Jun 6
Sam Crabtree
Thousands of babies have been prayed over in the nurseries superintended by Joyce on all three campuses during the past decade. Shortly after her husband, Bob, died of cancer, she applied for the job of nursery coordinator, and her interview stands...
Jun 5
Sam Crabtree
Following a recent service at Bethlehem I was asked why some of pastors tear up during child dedications. There are lots of reasons for tears: onions, smoke, mourning, self-pity, and being greatly troubled in spirit. But why do some pastors get...
Jun 4
Sam Crabtree
Because it’s a word I rarely use all year long, when it comes to the time of year when I use it, I have to remind myself what it means … and how to spell it. The word? Baccalaureate. What does it mean? It’s a religious service held at an...
Jun 1
Sam Crabtree
“Here are three things Jesus did while I was at BCS for four years,” says Benjamin Jensen, who just completed a Master of Divinity degree: 1) Through wise and godly teachers, I was shown not only what the Bible says, but how to read it well for...
May 31
Sam Crabtree
“Jesus built the house of my education so that my labors were not in vain; he watched over the city of my faith and marriage so my studies were not in vain. He was sovereign over four years of graduate studies so that I need not go late to rest,...
May 30
Sam Crabtree
Here’s what Brent Fisher said Jesus did while Brent was completing his Bachelor of Theology degree at Bethlehem College and Seminary: “He showed me how to love my wife as a student-newlywed by dying for me while I was yet a failure.” And here’s...
May 29
Sam Crabtree
Here’s what President Tim Tomlinson told the Bethlehem College and Seminary board of trustees at their recent meeting: “It’s difficult for me to fathom that we are at the end of our third year of operation as Bethlehem College and Seminary. This...
May 25
Bryan DeWire
Are men who volunteer in the Nursery expected to diaper babies? Joyce Heinrich, Minister for Early Childhood, recently wrote this email: Two weeks ago, we experienced a sweet moving of the Lord at the Downtown Campus, an echo of what...
May 24
Sam Crabtree
A day with a name like “Memorial Day” is just what the two words imply: A day for making general expressions of memory. An anonymous Irish blessing includes this line: “May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best...
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