Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Jan 26
Sam Crabtree
A young couple in our church lost their baby, whereupon the husband wrote the following (excerpts): From within the cloud of grief, it can be difficult to see how God feels about your suffering. Unfortunately, the temptation can be to imagine that...
Jan 23
Sam Crabtree
To the sleepy or seared conscience, flaws can seem very small or invisible, which to the awakened conscience appear so large as to be horrific. Not one of our sins needed to take place, so none of them is excused by the awakened conscience. Pray for...
Jan 22
Sam Crabtree
Lives matter not only to those whose lives they are (i.e., my life matters to me and your life matters to you), but lives matter to those around them (i.e., your life matters to me and my life matters to you). They matter to those who are enriched...
Jan 21
Sam Crabtree
“Religious liberty is the mother of all true freedoms.”—Herschel Hobbs (cited by Al Mohler in Southern Seminary Magazine, Winter 2015) “Religious liberty is not merely a political issue; it is a theological issue.”—Al Mohler (ibid) “Erotic liberty...
Jan 20
Sam Crabtree
Today I am in California facilitating several days of meetings of executive ministers from across the country—a series of meetings I have served for a decade. As prompted by the Spirit, ask God to give me grace and to bless these gatherings as we...
Jan 15
Sam Crabtree
Tim Johnson (former chairman of the Bethlehem elder council) recites and reviews all of the Fighter Verses each week as he drives to work. Last week, he stood before hundreds of people at Bethlehem’s Downtown Campus who were gathered to invest five...
Jan 14
Sam Crabtree
The historical books of the Bible are historical. They are mostly eyewitness accounts of actual events. The movie Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus provides additional documentation to bolster a rational defense for the above assertion. Locally...
Jan 10
Sam Crabtree
Yesterday we considered how our minds often wander. Our thoughts are pulled in different directions at different times and by different people, projects, and problems. So how do I keep my mind on task? Here is what I do: 1.     ...
Jan 9
Sam Crabtree
Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.—Colossians 3:2 The mind can drift. Yet, the mind can be set, riveted, entranced, and captured. If minds can wander, how do we keep them from doing so? While writing these...
Jan 8
Sam Crabtree
Over the Christmas holidays I listened to a sermon in which the preacher extolled the potential virtues of Christmas traditions. According to this particular preacher, holding these traditions as “sacred memories” can lay a foundation for our faith...
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