Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Jul 8
Sam Crabtree
See Part 1 There are many ways to structure a Day Alone With God (DAWG), but here is how I do it, owing to some influence by Dick Eastman and his Change the World School of Prayer. I suggest bringing the following tools and resources with you...
Jul 7
Sam Crabtree
Last summer at a Bethlehem staff lunch I spoke on the subject of how to have a Day Alone With God (DAWG). Since then, several staff have reported with gratefulness the impact it has had on their prayer life, and I’ve been urged to share the core of...
Jul 3
Sam Crabtree
“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we're too busy...
Jul 2
Sam Crabtree
Bethlehem’s North Campus elders are reading together, out loud, Wesley Duewel’s Touch the World Through Prayer, in which he says, “The greatest privilege God gives you is the freedom to approach him at any time. You are not only authorized to speak...
Jul 1
Sam Crabtree
In a unanimous decision, McCullen v. Coakley, released last week, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Massachusetts law that prohibited pro-life speech within 35 feet of an abortion facility.  Sidewalk counseling is written into the decision...
Jun 30
Sam Crabtree
Last week was Brad Arthur’s last day on Bethlehem’s staff after 11 years as our Director for Properties Administration. At his farewell reception he invited us all to sing together the following hymn: “If I Gained the World,” by Anna Olander (1904...
Jun 27
Sam Crabtree
“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.”—Abraham Lincoln, in Letter to Henry L. Pierce
Jun 26
Sam Crabtree
“If the truth be mighty, and God all-powerful, his children need not fear that disaster will follow freedom of thought.”—Francois de Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon
Jun 25
Sam Crabtree
“Man is really free only in God, the source of his freedom.”—Sherwood Eddy, quoted by Frank S. Mead in 12,000 Religious Quotations
Jun 24
Sam Crabtree
Freedom is not the license to do whatever comes to mind without facing resistance, but freedom is the power to do what is right. Or as Bob Phillips has stated it, “The sweetest freedom is an honest heart.” Or, as Hartley Coleridge wrote in Liberty,...
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