Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor for Life Training.  

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Jun 4
Sam Crabtree
I cannot begin to count the times in evangelism, the times in my own growth and comfort and edification by the Holy Spirit, and the many intersections with preaching and writings where my heart and mind have been stirred up by doing Bible memory. I...
Jun 3
Sam Crabtree
America’s Research Group interviewed presidents, vice presidents, heads of science departments, and heads of religion departments at 200 Christian colleges. When it comes to biblical authority, Britt Beemer reports “cause for concern in the...
Jun 2
Sam Crabtree
It is common for people to give books as gifts or loans, and it’s generally a good idea. Often, gifted or loaned books match some role in the recipient’s life. Moms receive books containing tips for mothering. Pastors receive books on pastoring....
May 30
Sam Crabtree
The two are interrelated. John Piper’s brand new book, Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully (I have a hard copy in my hands) is available to readers in a PDF version free of charge at  This new book celebrates the importance of...
May 29
Sam Crabtree
From The Universe Next Door, by James Sire. What is prime reality—what is really real? What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us? Is the world created or autonomous, chaotic or orderly, matter or spirit? What is a human...
May 27
Sam Crabtree
That’s the question Jason Meyer asked at an elder council meeting. His answer? The hardest thing to believe is that God loves me as much as he says he does. How COULD he love me that much when I am such a sinful rebel? God backs up his love claim...
May 23
Sam Crabtree
When I recently blogged about journaling my way through the Bible, I received the following reply from Jean Turner, a long time Wycliffe associate who, with her husband Blaine, served the translation of the New Testament into the Manam language on...
May 22
Sam Crabtree
This year is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic book extolling the superior intelligence and physique of a homo sapien raised in the jungle by apes. Popularized in the 1930’s by the Johnny Weissmuller movies,...
May 21
Sam Crabtree
Wealth and treasure are not necessarily the same thing. A person can have a material net worth that is astronomically moneyed, yet he doesn’t look to those resources for his satisfaction. In 1904, William Borden graduated from high school as heir to...
May 20
Sam Crabtree
“Some individuals leave meetings feeling more enlightened by what they said than what they heard.” ––David Wells, speaking at Bethlehem in 1998
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