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Jul 16
Sam Crabtree
On the Sunday following the Friday on which the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling on so-called gay marriage, Bethlehem member John Baumgartner prayed the following at the Sunday morning prayer gathering at 8:45 (the public is always...
Jul 15
Sam Crabtree
“The character of Jesus has not only been the highest pattern of virtue, but [it’s been] the strongest incentive to its practice and has exerted so deep an influence that it may be truly said … the ample record of three short years of active life...
Jul 14
Sam Crabtree
Founded in 1899, the Gideons International placed their first Scripture in the Superior Hotel in Montana in 1908, aiming to help Christian traveling men. Within 30 years they had placed over a million copies, distributing free Bibles and new...
Jul 7
Sam Crabtree
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.—Genesis 1:1–2 In the very first sentences of...
Jul 3
Sam Crabtree
I recently reread Calvin Miller’s 1967 book (I was a high school junior) Once Upon a Tree, in which Miller says, “History is nailed together! Literally it is!” He means that everything that came prior to the cross and everything that comes after are...
Jul 2
Sam Crabtree
I just finished reading Joe Rigney’s book The Things of Earth, which is aimed at helping us treasure God by enjoying his gifts. Here are 10 excerpts. The things of earth grow strangely bright in the light of his glory and grace. In losing my dad, I...
Jun 29
Sam Crabtree
Our God is both transcendent and immanent. That is, he is above creation, yet has condescended to be present in creation. Throughout Scripture, the Lord is present in creation in different ways at different times. He can be present to bless, or...
Jun 26
Sam Crabtree
Douglas Wilson’s book Easy Chairs, Hard Words contains “Conversations on the Liberty of God,” presented as a series of fictional conversations between a curious young Christian and a seasoned pastor. Here are 10 excerpts. Salvation is not a personal...
Jun 25
Sam Crabtree
Paul David Tripp authored 52  meditations on the Psalm 27. Here are 10 excerpts. Why would I pray to be taught again and again and again by the Lord? Because his wisdom is just that deep and vast. You and I will never understand and celebrate...
Jun 23
Sam Crabtree
David J. Randall invites 11 individuals to explain why they are not atheists, each taking a chapter to unpack how they face the inadequacies of unbelief. He notes, “Christianity needs to reassert its place not as a private pursuit for the...
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