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Sep 9
Sam Crabtree
From Pastor Sam It’s like starting anything well. Pray: Ask your Father for help. Ask others who seem to do well for their “secrets to success.” Be orderly: Wisely arrange your books, supplies, workspace, and schedule. Break down big things into...
Sep 3
Chuck Steddom
From Pastor Chuck "Aslan" was truly "on the move" last Sunday as the South Campus family went outdoors to proclaim Christ and celebrate his goodness to us. Here is a detailed report from Worship in the Park coordinator extraordinaire Natalie...
Sep 3
Various Authors
This summer, the three Bethlehem campuses were "seeing and savoring" Jesus and the good gifts of summer food, fellowship, and worship as a corporate church body and in smaller gatherings throughout Twin Cities neighborhoods ... North CampusFrom Sam...
Sep 1
Ken Currie
If you were a subscriber to Pastor Sam's Blog then you're already aware of this Bethlehem blog transition—Pastors Sam's Blog has simply taken on a new name in order to give you, the Bethlehem congregation, the opportunity to meet and hear from other...
Aug 28
Sam Crabtree
In recent weeks, Bethlehem’s Communications department has been brainstorming and in the process of developing a "Pastors Blog." The plan is that the blog you are reading now, Pastor Sam’s Blog, will simply change its name to Pastors Blog. The blog...
Aug 27
Sam Crabtree
“Some men will follow Christ on certain conditions—if He will not lead them through rough roads, if He will not enjoin them any difficult tasks, if the sun and wind do not annoy them, if He will remit a part of His plan and order. But the true...
Aug 26
Sam Crabtree
These posts are not making a case against good, air-tight arguments. I’m just saying something else comes first, prior to making defenses of intellectual (even biblical) positions. What comes first? Things like this: “But the wisdom from above is...
Aug 25
Sam Crabtree
In the delicate interactions between a husband and a wife, a wise husband gains a hearing before saying what he has to say to her. Otherwise whatever he says may just roll off her back. I am pointing to the crucial importance of drawing a wife which...
Aug 24
Sam Crabtree
Not all things that are totally true belong in the mouths of certain individuals. Consider: The Lord said, “this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me” (Isaiah 29:13). Apparently they are...
Aug 20
Sam Crabtree
After numerous centuries and generations recorded in the first eleven chapters of Genesis, we reach the character of Abram. Now the LORD said to Abram, "Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you....
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