Hear from Bethlehem pastors on their ministries & events and the strategic priorities that mark Bethlehem and our philosophy of ministry.  

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Jan 4
Various Authors
From Small Groups Pastors Jared Wass (Downtown), Sam Crabtree (North), Aaron Davitch (South); Women’s Ministry (Mary Delk); Seniors Ministry (Keith Anderson); and Counseling and Care (Jack Delk, North). During Prayer Week 2016, join us in praying...
Jan 3
Various Authors
From Mike Tong (Downtown), Vince Johnson (North), and Chuck Steddom (South); Bethlehem Urban Initiatives (Scott Anderson); and Hispanic Ministry (Luis Mendez) During Prayer Week 2016, join us in praying for Bethlehem’s pastors, leaders, and...
Jan 2
Various Authors
From Bud Burk and Ken Currie (Downtown), Gil McConnell and Jon Nowlin (North), and Aaron Davitch and Daniel Viezbicke (South) During Prayer Week 2016, join us in praying for Bethlehem’s pastors, leaders, and ministries. On Day 1 (January 3) ... Join...
Dec 30
Sam Crabtree
From Sam Crabtree, Pastor for Small Groups, North Campus We’ve already begun eternity. We travel irreversibly and everlastingly into the future. It is a future known exhaustively to God and only fragmentarily to us. To us, most of it remains hidden...
Dec 29
Todd Rasmuson
From Todd Rasmuson, Pastor for Global Outreach This past year we have seen so many images of frightened refugee families sleeping by a road, waiting by a fence, and even dying in the water. How do we, as followers of Jesus, respond with his love?...
Dec 16
Matthew Westerholm
(See Part 1 and Part 2 of this series) From Matthew Westerholm, Pastor for Worship, Downtown Campus This year's contribution to Bethlehem's Advent candle-lighting tradition (set to the tune of "Ah, Holy Jesus") and an accompanying video invitation...
Dec 14
Jon Grano
From Jon Grano, Lead Pastor for Operations I shared the following both at the Bethlehem Staff Christmas Lunch on December 8 and at the All-Church Annual Meeting on December 13 to give our staff and congregation a sense of the faithful service,...
Dec 11
Gil McConnell
(See part 1 of series) From Gil McConnell, Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, North Advent is a time for adoring and anticipation. Jesus has come and will come again! As Christians we adore him now and anticipate the time when he will...
Dec 4
Aaron Davitch
From Aaron Davitch, Pastor for Small Groups and Children & Family Discipleship, South Campus I love sharing the Advent season with our Bethlehem family! Advent is a wonderful time for spiritual renewal as we dwell in the gospel narrative...
Dec 3
Kenny Stokes
From Kenny Stokes, Lead Pastor, Downtown Campus I want to introduce you to Paul Przybylowski, our Church Planting Resident for 2015–2016. He has been appointed to work at Word of Grace as part of our Jumpstart Program. If you remember, our Jumpstart...
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