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Oct 28
Jason Meyer
From Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching & Vision November 1 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We pray to the One who promised that his Church would be persecuted and hated (Matthew 24:9). He knew we would feel like...
Oct 27
Todd Rasmuson
From Todd Rasmuson, Pastor for Global Outreach Global Focus 2015 reached its climax this past weekend, October 24/25, with Pastor Jason's Laborers for the Harvest sermon and the Missions in the Manse event at his home on Sunday afternoon. First,...
Oct 26
Brad Nelson
From Brad Nelson, Pastor for Short-Term Ministry Mobilization Having come off of 12 days of Global Focus 2015 with an emphasis on Business As Mission (BAM), I've asked Scott Rebney, Bethlehem BAM Team member and the leader of the BAM-focused short-...
Oct 22
Brad Nelson
In the midst of Global Focus 2015, we highlight not only Business as Mission, but also our global partners. We want to be a church that supports them well! One way we do this is by coordinating "field-driven" short-term trips. This means we send...
Oct 21
Jason Meyer
From Pastor Jason Meyer (Devotion from the October 18 Quarterly Strategy Meeting) The church of Jesus Christ has the keys to the kingdom in terms of the authority to bind and loose what has already been bound or loosed in heaven (Matthew 18:18). The...
Oct 19
Jon Nowlin
From Jon Nowlin, Pastor for Youth & Family Discipleship, North Camp and retreats are often significant times when students meet with the Lord. I regularly hear young people speak of experiencing gospel awakening, significant sanctification, and...
Oct 16
Kenny Stokes
From Kenny Stokes, Downtown Campus, Leader Pastor Several times during the week of October 6–10, the Bethlehem Sanctity of Life ministry held a "Peaceful Presence" at the entrance to Whole Woman's Health Clinic—the second-largest abortion provider...
Oct 15
John Piper
From John Piper, Pastor Emeritus The following excerpts were transcribed from the September 1, 2015, Staff Lunch, at which Pastor John honored Pastor Tom Steller on the 35th anniversary of his pastorate at Bethlehem. In light of this season of...
Oct 14
Todd Rasmuson
I have invited Downtown Elder and Business As Mission committee member Don Hoffert to give insight as to why someone might want to attend the Business for the Glory of God Seminar with Wayne Grudem this Saturday, October 17 (9am–Noon). I hope...
Oct 13
Sam Crabtree
Pastor Sam Crabtree shares an interview with one of Bethlehem’s Global Partners, Eric, who is serving in Asia in a Business As Mission context. Join us for the Global Focus 2015 Kick-Off to hear more from Eric. How did you get involved in...
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