Someone’s Looking Over Our Shoulder

Published by: Sam Crabtree
August 6, 2010

And I don’t mean God. God is, of course, aware of everything we do, but I’m thinking of someone else who is looking over Bethlehem’s shoulder.

Every year Bethlehem pays thousands of dollars and invests hours and hours of time to complete a financial audit. Corruption follows money, and so an audit is a good faith step to ensure accountability and transparency. We recently completed the annual audit cycle with LarsonAllen and received a good report—our finances and systems are stable and strong. The auditor reports that they received the full cooperation of all staff from whom they sought information.

Did you know that four sets of eyes see every reimbursement? A supervisor approves each request, our bookkeeper enters financial data in our system, our financial administrator prints the check, and our treasurer signs the check.





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