God Is Rewarding Bethlehem

Published by: Amanda Knoke
August 5, 2010

The Bible says children are a reward. God has given us 85 babies and adoptions so far this year compared to 67 at this time last year. The nurseries are not keeping up. This year, 371 volunteers were trained and screened—fewer than last year. We need 74 more. Last week, because of a shortage of workers at the Downtown Campus, we had 19 babies on a list waiting to get into the nursery.

Recently, Joyce Heinrich, Minister for Early Childhood and director for the nurseries on Bethlehem’s three campuses, informed the elder council that all the Bethlehem nurseries aim to …

  • Serve the parents so they can worship without distraction.
  • Serve as models to the children. Parents receive prayer booklets of blessings to pray over their children. They also receive refrigerator magnets, take-home sheets, and flashcards to use at home.
  • Pray over each child by name during every service at which they are in the nursery.
  • Teach the older children in the nurseries (which take children ages 0–3). Children are taught Bible verses, including references, at about age 20 months.

“We burn with the desire for the children to know Christ,” says Joyce. “Our nurseries hold to the highest standards for safety and sanitation, exceeding the State of Minnesota’s requirements for daycares and nurseries.”

The elders are praying that God would raise up willing nursery workers and grant those workers the everlasting joy of pointing little ones to Jesus.

Before making the next click on your computer, pray. And consider offering your services to the children. To find out about volunteering in a Bethlehem nursery, contact Madeleine Miller.





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