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Nov 27
Jason Meyer
From Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching & Vision This world is not our home. It is hard to imagine feeling at home in a world where our brothers or sisters are beheaded before our eyes. Time would fail me if I were to start talking about cancer,...
Nov 24
Sam Crabtree
From Sam Crabtree, Pastor for Small Groups, North Campus Feeling thankful, yet refusing to thank your benefactor is stubborn. Imagine a gymnast on the balance beam going through all her moves, but trying hard to give the impression that there is no...
Nov 24
Gil McConnell
From Gil McConnell, Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, North Campus As we head toward Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for Sam Crabtree and a little 25-year-old booklet he placed in my staff mailbox. We have so many reasons to thank God...
Nov 23
Jon Grano
From Jon Grano, Lead Pastor for Operations Please join me in celebrating an encouraging milestone among Bethlehem’s pastoral and support staff: Bethlehem’s recent certification as a “Best Christian Workplace.” The Best Christian Workplace Institute...
Nov 20
Jared Wass
From Jared Wass, Pastor for Small Groups, Downtown Campus Of all the good things to get involved in at Bethlehem, a good place to begin is what we call our three dimensions of church life: weekend worship, small group participation, and a place to...
Nov 19
Chuck Steddom
From Chuck Steddom, Lead Pastor, South Campus In the hard places, we look to our sovereign, glorious God and trust in his unfailing love for us. We bring comfort to one another as we come alongside each other in prayer, Word, and testimony of his...
Nov 18
Dan Holst
From Dan Holst, Lead Pastor, North By Friday afternoon of this week, the North Campus building will be buzzing. Tables will have been set up, displays will have been arranged—and hundreds of you will walk through the doors to enjoy a festive...
Nov 13
Mike Tong
From Mike Tong, Pastor for Neighborhood Outreach, Downtown At this time of the year we have many opportunities to invest in mercy ministries (check out the Holiday Guide for ideas). Jeff Noyed, a member of Bethlehem and the Director of Jericho Road...
Nov 10
Todd Rasmuson
From Todd Rasmuson, Pastor for Global Outreach God breaks through with hope even in the Syrian refugee crisis. Recently, one of our global partners (Dane Hanson) provided an encouraging update to move our hearts to prayer and our mouths to praise...
Nov 5
Tom Steller
From Tom Steller, Pastor for Leadership Development (and Academic Dean, Bethlehem College & Seminary) Last week, the president of Bethlehem College & Seminary, Tim Tomlinson, returned from a trip to Israel with 47 others. I asked him if he...
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