The Word of God: Our Living Hope

Published by: Pam Larson
September 7, 2011

Women's Ministry's theme for 2011-2012 is The Word of God. Do you want to know Jesus more this year? Do you desire to see Jesus more clearly?

...if you want to know Jesus, you know him through his word. One of the most important convictions you can ever form is the conviction that Jesus, as a real, living, precious person, is known today chiefly through his word. And the only reason I say "chiefly," and not "only," is that in the fellowship of obedience and suffering from day to day, our personal knowledge of Jesus of goes deeper and deeper, but always through his word. But if you want to see the face of Jesus (2 Corinthians 4:6) most clearly, most surely, you must look at him through his word.—Pastor John Piper, If You Abide In My Word, You Are Truly My Disciples, April 16, 2011 [emphasis added]Women's Fall Kick-Off 2011-2012

Please join us Friday, Sept 16, 7pm for the Women's Ministry Fall Kick-Off, an evening of worship, prayer, and testimony. This annual event is an opportunity to lift up our needs before the Lord in seasons of prayer and hear guest speakers:

  • Karin Livingston
  • Ann Harms
  • Linda Linder

Fellowship dinner (optional) is at 6pm, Cost is $7. Tickets available Sept 10/11 at the Women's Ministry tables.
You are welcome to bring your own food to the dinner or join us only for program at 7pm (no ticket necessary).
For more information, contact Pam Larson (612-338-7653 x472).



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