What Do Hugs, Hurricanes, Hot Tubs and Heaven Have in Common?

Published by: Pam Larson
June 24, 2012

Answer: The Gospel Coalition's 2012 National Women's Conference

Sunday was the last day of this wonderful, Gospel-soaked conference. The convention center in Orlando was teeming with 4000+ women, praising God together, hugging as some departed for homes and families, and wondering whether predicted Hurricane Debby would alter plans. Conversation-huddles continued after the conference ended, even spilling over to the pool area where women from different countries engaged in theological discussions around the hot tub, despite the heavy rain. 

Both of the plenary messages focused our hearts on our great God as revealed in Revelation.

Kathleen Nielson  Through the Open Door: The Transcendent and Redeeming God (Revelation 4-5)

No logical outline that can get us to the reality of WHO God is.

Our Creator Redeemer reigns and the only response is worship.

We don't make worship happen. We either join in or we don't.

Don Carson  Home at Last: The Spectacular God at the Center (Revelation 21-22)

In all of eternity we will never have to ask forgiveness again, either of each other or of God.

In every way we can be like God, we will [in Heaven] be like God.

Hell is not filled with people who are deeply sorry for their sins but those who still shake their puny fists at God.




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