Friends Your Age Are Not Enough

Published by: Pam Larson
January 7, 2017

Titus 2Last summer at the 2016 Gospel Coalition Women's Conference, I was blessed to meet Jaquelle Crowe, a 19-year-old writer from eastern Canada. We struck up a conversation while waiting for a session to begin. This remarkable young woman had driven all the way from Nova Scotia with her dad to attend the conference. On Friday, Desiring God posted her article, "Friends Your Age Are Not Enough." Here is a quote: 

While I would never admit aloud that I think young people are favored by God or somehow better, more genuine, or more compassionate than older people, some days I’m tempted to believe it. Then I spend time with an older friend, and I’m lovingly knocked off my mental high horse. Intergenerational friendships have a unique way of killing prejudice — with kindness. By simply being my friend, my faulty assumptions about other generations have been challenged, confronted, and banished.

The kingdom of God is diverse; this truth underscored Jesus’s very mission to earth. He came to save people of all ages from all nations and all tongues and tribes (Revelation 7:9). He came for young and for old alike. Intergenerational friendships teach me that the kingdom of God is a family, and I have a responsibility to love and learn from the whole family.

Perhaps you are a younger woman looking for a wiser, more mature, godly woman to learn from. Someone who has lived longer, made some mistakes, and perhaps gained more wisdom through her walk through suffering or hardship. In Bethlehem's Titus 2 Ministry, younger women learn about displaying biblical womanhood, trusting God, being content, having courage, extending mercy and crying out together in prayer.

Women ages 18-40 are welcome to join us at the 2017 Titus 2 Mentee Coffee, where you will hear a vision for this ministry, hear testimonies from mentors and mentees and have the opportunity to sign up for a group.

  • Saturday, Jan 21
  • 9–11:30am at the Downtown Campus
  • Check-In and Refreshments: 8:30–9am
  • Registration is required—You may register online here or sign up after worship services this weekend.




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