Opportunities for involvement and glimpses of God's grace in the lives of Bethlehem women.

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Jul 7
Pam Larson
It is not too late to join your sisters at Bethlehem for our summer Bible study, The Wisdom of God, by Nancy Guthrie. This week, we will be focusing on repentance in the Psalms. Here is a quote from Nancy, to whet your appetite: Our greatest...
Jun 30
Pam Larson
Last week at our women's summer Bible study, on all three campuses, we watched a DVD message by Nancy Guthrie on the Psalms.  Here is a quote from her message: The psalms serve as an invitation to pour out our honest emotions before God. But...
Jun 23
Pam Larson
Last week in our women's summer Bible study (Nancy Guthrie's "The Wisdom of God") we explored the book of Job. Here is a quote from our lesson: In his sovereignty over Satan, God purposed to use the suffering Satan inflicted on his own Son to...
Jun 17
Pam Larson
Women's Summer Bible study began last week BUT it is not too late to come! Here is a quote from Nancy Guthrie's introduction session: As we work our way through the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament, we will not only understand the writings in these...
May 22
Pam Larson
The wisdom literature of the Bible is filled with applications and life lessons. But where is Jesus? This is a question posed by Courtney Reissig in a review of Nancy Guthrie's The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms and Wisdom Books. It is...
May 14
Pam Larson
2014 Spring Conference "Be Holy For I Am Holy; Growing in Holiness...How?"  The messages from our 2014 Women's Ministry Spring Conference are now available! Follow the links below to listen or download each of the following messages: ...
Apr 19
Pam Larson
Join us this summer as we study the wisdom literature of the Bible, with the goal of “understanding it in the way that Jesus himself taught the disciples to read and understand the Old Testament: with him at the center.” We will watch and discuss 6...
Apr 15
Pam Larson
This guest post is from Mary Delk, the Minister for Women at Bethlehem. On March 30, Women’s Ministry hosted a panel discussion event, “Glorifying God in Many Callings- A Focus on Women in the Workplace." This part from Mary’s introduction that...
Apr 7
Pam Larson
A heartfelt testimony from Liz Blom, a young mother at Bethlehem:  "I have been part of a Titus 2 book study for almost 6 years now. Our group has studied many wonderful books, but my absolute favorite was Nancy Guthrie's book Hearing Jesus...
Apr 3
Pam Larson
This is a guest post by Caryn Turner, member of the Women's Ministry Leadership Team: As I reminisce over the past six Spring Conferences that I have attended, I am full of joy! However, I am also saddened for the ladies that I have interacted with...
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