Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Sep 27
Sam Crabtree
What should a man do in order to be a good husband? Our small group was sharing supper, when I asked 4-year-old Isaac French what he thought it takes in order to be a good husband. His answer: BE a good husband. Translation: It’s not a list of TASKS...
Sep 26
Sam Crabtree
In Genesis only eight people entered the ark and were rescued from the Flood. The rest perished. Of the 12 spies who spied out the land of Canaan, only two were confident that God would help them take the land. Of the two million Israelite adults...
Sep 25
Sam Crabtree
“If you understand Isaiah 53 as traditionally read by Christians, you understand Christianity.”—John C. Beckman, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Bethlehem College & Seminary, in a presentation to the board at its last meeting
Sep 24
Sam Crabtree
“It is necessary for a man who pursues truth to inquire into those springs of error, that, as far as possible, he may rid himself of old prejudices, and watch hourly against new ones.”—Isaac Watts, 1724, in Logic: The Right Use of Reason in the...
Sep 21
Bryan DeWire
Do Christians still have a sinful soul? What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit and our spirit? What is the relationship between our spirit and our flesh? This question was answered by Dave Zuleger, Pastoral Assistant for Jason Meyer. ...
Sep 20
Sam Crabtree
I came on staff at Bethlehem in 1997, and one of the objectives of my position was to free our senior leader, John Piper, from administrative bric-a-brac in order to focus on preaching and writing. The following books have been released since 1997...
Sep 19
Sam Crabtree
Tuesdays at Bethlehem are chock full of meetings—pastoral staff meetings, leadership team meetings, elder meetings … and all-staff lunch meetings at which we introduce new staff, honor staff anniversaries, deal with housekeeping matters, hear from...
Sep 18
Sam Crabtree
The Campus Outreach staff put this video together to celebrate Ken Currie’s investment of 20+ years with CO (and 9 of those years at Bethlehem Baptist Church).
Sep 17
Sam Crabtree
Mary Kassian has written a five-point summation of complementarity that can be accessed at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
Sep 14
Bryan DeWire
Pastors, do you believe in a literal 7-day creation? Several years ago, John Piper answered a similar question: What Do You Have to Believe About Creation In Order to Be an Elder at Bethlehem? See all Friday Q & A posts.
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