Why Bethlehem Video?

Published by: Sam Crabtree
April 25, 2012

Having multiple campus worship services is not the only reason for having video cameras in our sanctuaries. Our cameras capture images for image magnification in the North & Downtown sanctuaries, as well as for  …

  • overflow monitors in the North & Downtown Commons
  • the Downtown restless child room (Room 10)
  • the scent-free area in Downtown Room 111
  • occasional overflow area offered during worship
  • the special needs group in Downtown Room 219
  • video recording of events
  • live-streaming to the web
  • multiple-campus, inter-campus meetings.

I’m grateful for all the trained volunteers who work with our staff to make the audio and video serve us all.

To become a trained volunteer, contact mediamin@hopeinGod.org.




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