Quesions About Sucession #5

Published by: Sam Crabtree
May 18, 2012

Q: Would Bethlehem grant Jason Meyer the power to "start over" in terms of building his own pastoral staff or will the default be to keep around the current staff?

A: While the senior leader has significant influence in shaping the make-up of the pastoral staff, Jason would be in no hurry to make sweeping changes. Rather, his desire would be to invest a season (a couple years?) listening, watching, learning. Even then, he may (if voted in) change very little. 

Simultaneously, my own heart is to facilitate his healthy transition in such a way that if it were to become clear that I or anyone else on staff is not a good fit for the new administration, I would not want that to be a problem.

So, I don’t anticipate a “starting over,” nevertheless some eventual changes could potentially materialize in due time. Remember, the senior leader can’t just hire pastors; the elders recommend, and the congregation has the final say.




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