Observations on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Published by: Sam Crabtree
September 9, 2011

Massive security systems have been put in place in the international airport system, not because some box-cutters got on an airplane, but because a certain jihadist ideology got on an airplane. You can remove the box-cutters, but if the ideology is not overcome in the hearts of certain passengers, the problems and risks remain.

Since terrorism is more a matter of ideology than methodology, consider the following ideological aspects of a post 9/11 world:

  • Jesus is not merely one of perhaps 100,000 messengers or prophets (25 recorded in the Quran) according to plane hijackers, but the risen Son of God according to the eyewitnesses (over 500 mentioned in the Bible).
  • Islamic ideology continues to have a poor track record of developing free institutions, nations, and cultures.
  • Muslim belief that man’s might will make Islam supreme throughout the world fosters a “might makes right” implementation of objectives.
  • The Islamic principle of lying for the sake of Allah (a doctrine called taqiyya) casts a profound shadow over the trustworthiness of adherents.

The notebooks of a couple of the 9/11 terrorists indicate that though they had broken Quranic rules that would send them to hell (in Muslim thinking), nevertheless their jihadist kidnapping of the planes ending in “martyrdom” would be their get-of-out-jail card, making up for a multitude of sins. If such violence is seen as justified and meritorious, prepare for more.

But Muslims who believe and teach such things are wrong. Contrary to their assertions, Jesus is risen from the dead, and one day he will hold all of us accountable.





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