Friday Q & A #41

Published by: Bryan DeWire
May 25, 2012

Are men who volunteer in the Nursery expected to diaper babies?
Joyce Heinrich, Minister for Early Childhood, recently wrote this email:
Two weeks ago, we experienced a sweet moving of the Lord at the Downtown Campus, an echo of what happened South a few months ago when Pastor David Livingston made an appeal for nursery volunteers and, as a result, 13 people responded in one morning.
Pastor Kenny Stokes went down to help in the nurseries to find out what it’s like to work there so that he could speak to the congregation about nursery needs that weekend. He did this so winsomely that the Lord used him to move 24 responders over Saturday night and the Sunday services—I have never seen so many people respond in one weekend!
Here’s one funny (but helpful) thing he said [in the services]: “And men, you don’t have to change any diapers at Bethlehem!” A whole bunch of men turned up at the table to sign up, and a couple of them checked with me to make sure that he was right about the diapering. We should have been getting that information out a long time ago. Praise our God whose “arm is still not shortened that it cannot save,” and rejoice with these Downtown servants!
With thanksgiving, Lisa Burk later told me, “I appealed to the pastors and elders to come and serve in the nurseries during the month of May, and Pastors Kenny Stokes, Tom Steller, Bud Burk, Kempton Turner, Sam Crabtree, and (elder) Bryan Pickering have agreed to serve.”

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