During a Sermon

Published by: Sam Crabtree
April 30, 2012

During a sermon does your mind ever drift from what the preacher is preaching? Such drift is both necessary and potentially fruitful … or dangerous, depending upon where it drifts. If your thoughts move from the sermon to personal application, that’s good and healthy. If you mind drifts to extraneous distractions, beware.

During a recent Bethlehem sermon, my thoughts shifted to the topic of greed, and I thought this: Greed is not merely craving more, but is intent upon not losing or sharing what one already has. Picture a small child who tenaciously hangs onto a toy, simply because somebody else wants it. He doesn’t want more toys; he just doesn’t want to share the one he has.

That greedy little tyke is … me, when I fail to renounce all worldly claims upon my stuff, my time, my place, my position, my privacy, my, my, my …




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