Published by: Sam Crabtree
September 27, 2011

I asked David Michael whether he would recommend a movie about which I’ve seen good things. Here’s the answer:

This is a historic moment! Even though there have certainly been other movies worthy of recommendation, this is the first time in my 25 years of pastoral ministry at Bethlehem that I have ever publically recommended a movie and encouraged our congregation to go see it.

Courageous was produced by Sherwood Pictures, makers of Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. This movie raises a biblical standard for manhood and fathering in particular. Men, women, young, old, married, or unmarried, will be challenged, moved, and inspired.

After attending a preview showing of the film, John Piper made the comment that there are “sermons” and there are “movies”—Courageous is a “sermon-movie,” and for that genre it is exceptionally well done.

Since this is the kind of movie that can potentially capture the interests and the hearts of believer and unbeliever alike, it has significant outreach potential. Here are comments from other pastors and elders who viewed the film:

“The Spirit of God moved my heart as I viewed Courageous. The end result was a gospel resolve to gladly give myself more fully to loving my wife like Christ loves the church and raising my children in the fear and instruction of the Lord and his gospel. Please go and experience this movie!”—Kempton Turner

“Courageous is a movie that Christian men don't have to be ashamed of or roll their eyes.  It is manly, it is real, and it is a powerful call to biblical fatherhood”.Tim Held

“Courageous was a powerful, convicting, encouraging, and captivating movie. It had a compelling and very real story line, with real characters in very real-life situations. There was nothing fancy or glamourous here. As a follower of Jesus and a father of two children, this movie spoke to my heart. No one will leave unaffected and there will be, I hope, serious conversation after leaving the theater.”Kurt Elting-Ballard

“I watched Courageous with my wife and was thoroughly engaged. I like action, and I like reflection, and I like affection—explosive moments, wrack-your-brain moments, and break-your-heart moments. Rarely do movies combine them all. For me this one captured me. Does the movie preach? Well, it sure has a point. But about the time you think you might get preached at, a bullet may cut through your car door. I would willingly take anyone to see this film, assuming they can handle suspense. And I think the conversations afterward would not be superficial.”John Piper

The movie will be released to local theaters Friday, September 30. Because box office sales on opening weekend are what communicate marketability of a film, the producers of this movie are encouraging us to view the movie in local theaters on opening weekend.

See the trailer.




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