Published by: Sam Crabtree
January 14, 2014

I was bullied as a child. I learned that most bullies are cowards, and by the time I was 12 I had set multiple bullies on their heels. To this day (Vicki will attest), if I am driving and I see bullying in action, I will pull over, get out of the car, and put a stop to it. I am against bullying.

But there is some very bad bullying legislation being proposed.

According to legislative assessment document from the Alliance Defending Freedom, bad anti-bullying guidelines use vague, overbroad terms like “offensive,” failing to provide adequate notice of what actually is prohibited. Such vagueness caters to the sensibilities of those feeling “offended,” and provides unbridled discretion in enforcement. Good policies focus on actions and/or words, rather than inner subjective feelings of “being offended.” 

Bad legislation lacks exceptions for religious, political, or philosophical speech (currently protected by the First Amendment). Good policies do not define bullying based upon the characteristics of the person allegedly being bullied. Bad policies offer special protection to persons based on certain characteristics of theirs.

Bad legislation includes “re-education.”

Bad legislation recriminates teachers and other caregivers who are then likely to over-report incidents. Bad legislation requires mandatory reporting while remaining vague on what exactly is the objective standard being enforced. Good policies minimize the use of the complaint process as a tool to harass. Such policies bully.

Good policies prohibit ANY student from bulling ANY child for ANY reason, rather than extending bullying protections to favored students on the basis of particular characteristics. Bad policies promote the current trendy homosexual agenda.

Good policies provide notice to parents, whether parents of the bullied or the bullying.

To learn more, consider attending a panel discussion at New Hope Church this Thursday (January 16) at 7pm.

(See also this information from the MN Child Protection League.) 




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