7 Excerpts From My September Journal

Published by: Sam Crabtree
October 4, 2011

Here is a peek inside my journal entries from last month, some scattered remarks from here and there.

There are encouraging and affirming ways to foster obedience and discipline in godliness, and there are harsh, discouraging, lazy, careless ways that are irritating and infuriating.

Jesus humbles himself in service, and in doing so earns honor by showing what is honorable.

If the life-transforming power of Christ doesn’t work in the heart of a slave, it doesn’t work. If the life-transforming power of Christ doesn’t apply to the heart of a master, it isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. As stated by others: Christ is lord of all, or he is not Lord at all.

The forces arrayed for our destruction are nasty, dark, evil. They don’t play by any rules. Lies are their stock in trade. Flesh and blood will do you no good against a lie. If the enemy says, “I’m coming at you from over here,” and you throw everything you have in that direction, it will do you no good if it was a lie.

To be armed with truth and righteousness is to be supplied with a measure of readiness for whatever comes next. To arm oneself with truth and righteousness is to demonstrate that the grace of God has broken in.

The Bible is not irrelevant to anybody, but it can be made to seem that way.

The boldness of which Paul speaks is confidence in the truth of God, not confidence in his own boldness.





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