Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Sep 19
Jonathon Woodyard
(Jonathon Woodyard is a third year student at Bethlehem College & Seminary, with twelve years in the military and previous pastoral experience. He and his wife, Gina, have two sons. He will be taking responsibility for Friday posts this year....
Sep 18
Sam Crabtree
Click on this seven-minute clip to watch Greg Jao do a splendid job of explaining why InterVarsity refuses to acquiesce to California’s requirements in order to be recognized as a campus organization. Admittedly, the last minute or so is a...
Sep 17
Sam Crabtree
The Hodgson-Horder twin girls (born April 2005 in England) The Bigg twin girls (born July 2006 in Australia) The Richardson twin boys (born July 2006 in England) The Grant twin girls (born 1983 in England) The Singerl twin girls (born May 2006 in...
Sep 16
Sam Crabtree
As fallen thinkers, “we’re on our way to one extreme or another.” —Tim Tomlinson, President of Bethlehem College & Seminary Staying plumb is a miracle of grace and a grace-enabled labor of biblical fidelity.
Sep 15
Sam Crabtree
God’s role as Creator is underscored by emphasizing that he is before all things. Nothing is self-made. If anything came into existence from a condition of non-existence, there had to be something else which pre-existed it. Plainly, the thing that...
Sep 11
Sam Crabtree
A thousand people sat in rapt silence, eyes glued to Rick Segal as he delivered the testimony of his journey toward believer’s baptism.  
Sep 10
Sam Crabtree
“Preach your purposes to our hearts.”  That’s what Jacque Straka prayed at the First Tuesday Fast prayer gathering at the North Campus last week.
Sep 9
Sam Crabtree
Annually, Beloit College releases a list of observations about the incoming class of freshmen. Here are some selections from this year’s list. When they see wire-rimmed glasses, they think Harry Potter, not John Lennon. Joe Camel has never...
Sep 8
Sam Crabtree
Incoming college freshmen are in a chapter of life called “emerging adults,” a season of significant change, which can be disorienting. They face pressures related to school, work, family, finances, eating & sleeping, keeping up with homework,...
Sep 5
Sam Crabtree
And the king of Israel answered, "Tell him, 'Let not him who straps on his armor boast himself like he who takes it off.’”—1 Kings 20:11 It’s easier to start something than see it through to completion.It’s easier to make a wedding vow than keep a...
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