Pastor Sam Crabtree is Bethlehem's Pastor for Small Groups at our North Campus.  

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Oct 29
Sam Crabtree
Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer. —2 Corinthians 5:16   Christ is still regarded through fleshly lenses today. He is considered to be a great teacher, a prophet, a moral model, and even a...
Oct 28
Sam Crabtree
At the Pro-Life Action Ministries annual banquet we were informed that women’s life centers in America now outnumber abortion centers at a ratio of three to one. Care for women is widely available.  Spread the word. And give to these non-profit...
Oct 25
Sam Crabtree
At the recent biennial meetings of Converge Worldwide, the association of churches of which Bethlehem is a part, delegates elected Scott Rideout, Pastor of Sun Valley Community Church in Arizona, to replace the retiring Jerry Sheveland as president...
Oct 23
Sam Crabtree
Gypsy Smith (1860–1947) was a British evangelist who made an estimated 45 ocean crossings and was invited to the White House by two presidents. When asked how to bring about revival he gave these instructions:  1.     Take a...
Oct 22
Sam Crabtree
This blog has previously asserted that the standard definition and usage of the term “devastation” means “to be laid waste.” If this is true, then no Christian is ever devastated. Here is another way to put it: When we think things are coming to a...
Oct 21
Sam Crabtree
Mark Batterson spoke at the biennial meeting of Converge Worldwide (the association of churches of which Bethlehem is a part) on the campus of Bethel University last week where he said the following: When God shows up, he shows off. When you pray...
Oct 17
Sam Crabtree
C.S. Lewis died one week before his sixty-fourth birthday. Saturday is one week before my own 64th. So I am prompted to reflect. The end of my life is closer than it has ever been. When my mother died a few years ago, I remember thinking, “Well,...
Oct 16
Sam Crabtree
Last week I received a letter from Crossway. My 2011 book, Practicing Affirmation, is published and distributed by Crossway, a significant publisher, though a relatively small publisher as book publishers go. I am one of 350 authors published by...
Oct 15
Sam Crabtree
Leadership Network points to several crashes between the Church and culture at large. Here are some of them. Culture Crash #1: The Church and [so-called] Same-Sex Marriage Culture Crash #2: The Church in an Inclusive Culture Culture Crash #3: The...
Oct 14
Sam Crabtree
Love bears all things.—1 Corinthians 13:7 Consider two broad categories of things love endures (“bears”): 1. Adversity. There is nothing to endure if it isn’t painful. Godly love endures not only ordinary pedestrian routine run-of-the-mill...
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