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Published by: joby morgan
November 1, 2010

What is Missions in the Manse and how did it start? The very first Missions in the Manse was on March 9, 1984, where 90 people gathered at Pastor John and Noël's home to be encouraged towards frontier or domestic missions as a vocation. Pastor John gave seven reasons for Missions in the Manse in a Taste and See Article in 1984:

  1. to find out who you are
  2. to say we are for you and behind you all the way
  3. to feed you
  4. to stir you up with God’s word
  5. to sing and pray with you
  6. to dream with you
  7. to promise to pray for you by name every day through 1984.

Because of the growing attendance, the last couple of years we have gathered in the Main Hall of Bethlehem's Downtown campus. This year we are going back to manse, the campus pastor's manse, in order to fulfill these seven reasons with a smaller group and a more intimate setting. Various Global Partners and Pastors David, Kenny, and Dan will be sharing from God's word. We hope and pray that it will encourage many to go out to the nations with a zealous passion for the supremacy of Christ, and encourage many others to pray more fervently and pointedly for the movement of God in awakening missionary vision and commitment at Bethlehem.
Join us November 7th for Missions in the Manse at your campus pastor's home.
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