Freedom Found

Published by: Tamara Rasmuson
September 1, 2011

“I invite you to join in rejoicing with our team as we have witnessed Christ further overcoming deception, destruction, hopelessness, fears, and bondage.”

Holly Andrews wrote this as her team of six returned from ministering in India to girls who have been rescued from human trafficking.  This was the fourth year that Holly and Bob Divine have led a team that ministered by hosting a wilderness camp. 

Holly wrote, “One girl who came exemplifies what the camp meant to many who attended this year. Tara (not her real name) was deceived into a Mumbai brothel when she was a teenager. She endured the horrors of abuse only to be shamed by her friends upon being rescued and reintegrated back to her home. Only her family accepted her back. For years, she struggled with the humiliation in her community, even contemplating suicide.  The night she shared her story, she fell into tears claiming that this was the first time she has felt this much love and acceptance from peers around her. Others hearing her story, related to her pain and also shared in her thankfulness for an opportunity to be accepted and cared for during this week of camp.”

The Global Diaconate was pleased to use some of Bethlehem’s TCT funds to help with camp scholarships for the girls.  You can read more about this trip in the article “Freedom Found” featured in the July 2011 edition of the Minnesota Christian Examiner.



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