Introducing Jason Meyer, Candidate for Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Published by: Amanda Knoke
March 27, 2012

Jason Meyer with his sons


From Pastor Sam Crabtree, Chairman of the Search Committee ...

The elders are calling the Bethlehem family to earnest and prayerful participation in our process of transition from Pastor John Piper to the next senior leader. On Tuesday night, March 27, the elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church unanimously adopted the following motion:

Motion From the Elders

The Elders move that Jason Meyer be recommended to the congregation as candidate for Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision, 
to be examined by the leaders and congregation according to the schedule and information on Bethlehem’s website, 
to be voted upon at a congregational meeting May 20, 2012, 
and to have a start date of August 1, 2012.

From Pastor John …

How do I feel about Jason Meyer’s candidacy? I am overjoyed. Both at the process and the person. As I heard the results emerging from the various meetings there were times when I wept for joy. Read more.

About Jason Meyer

A Call to Bethlehem for Prayer and Participation

As stated in the February 26 post timeline, pending a positive Elder Council vote on March 27, the timeline would continue. Below is a schedule for the process going forward—updated and with appropriate links.

  • Wed, Mar 28: Church-wide introduction to Jason Meyer and communication of the ensuing process for his candidacy for Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision and job description(s) for this role, along with supporting documents, including his Curriculum Vitae, advocacy papers, and guidelines for submitting input.
  • Sat, Mar 31: Q & A With the Lead Pastors
  • Thur, Apr 5: "First Thursday" Elder Prayer gathering; early morning prayer (for laity)
  • Mon, Apr 9: Deadline for submitting questions for the interview Pastor Sam will have with Jason Meyer. Interview will be posted April 19. (Send questions for Pastor Sam to ask Jason Meyer:
  • Thur, Apr 19: All-church Q & A Video posted: “Pastor Sam Crabtree Interviews Jason Meyer”
  • Thur, Apr 19: The Senior Sojourners monthly gathering will have the opportunity to hear from Jason Meyer, with time for questions included. A meal will precede the time with Jason. Read more and RSVP.
  • Apr 29: Jason Meyer preaches live South (Open forum with Jason during 11am hour)
  • Sun, Apr 29: Quarterly Strategy Meeting 
  • Thur, May 3: "First Thursday" Elder Prayer gathering; early morning prayer (for laity)
  • May 5/6: Jason Meyer preaches live Downtown (Open Forum with Jason on May 5, 7:30pm, following Saturday service)
  • May 12: Jason Meyer holds (live) Open Forum North at 7:30pm (following the Downtown live sermon)
  • May 13: Jason Meyer preaches live North
  • Tue, May 15: Elders review congregational input. Last formal action in the process before the congregational vote.
  • Sun, May 20: Congregational vote (to call Jason Meyer to join Bethlehem's pastoral staff and begin partnering with Pastor John as an associate pastor during the transition process)
  • Mon, May 21: Issue letter of call (pending vote)
  • Late May: Reply from Jason Meyer; positive reply will set in motion an overlap process (i.e., Pastor John's ministry at Bethlehem continues throughout the transition process).
  • Wed, Aug 1: (Pastor) Jason Meyer officially begins his role as Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision (pending positive May 20 congregational vote).

The date of the final vote to call Jason Meyer as Pastor for Preaching & Vision is not yet set. The plan is to announce that date in the coming weeks.


Explanation of the Candidate’s Job Descriptions

Linked below are two job descriptions. The first is the one that Jason Meyer will take on if the congregational vote for him is affirmative on May 20. He would take on the role of Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision until the time of a second vote, occurring at some point near the time that Pastor John’s role as Pastor for Preaching & Vision comes to a close. Should the second vote be in the affirmative, Jason Meyer’s job title and description would change from Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision to Pastor for Preaching & Vision.

This span of time between the first (May 20) and second congregational vote is as of now unknown, as the Council of Elders wants to make sure that the people of Bethlehem have time to interact with Jason’s preaching and other visible avenues of leadership/grooming that he will take on before the second congregational vote.

Job Description for Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision
Job Description for Pastor for Preaching & Vision

If you still have questions after reading the information we've presented, please feel free to call this number and leave a message: 612-338-7653 x734. You may also login to Bethlehem's Table and leave your questions on the Discussion Board ... and feel free to write questions on the tear-off section of your worship bulletin.



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