All-Church Quarterly Strategy Meeting (July 29, 2012)

Published by: Amanda Knoke
July 31, 2012

Highlights from July 29 Strategy Meeting include the affirmation of Todd Rasmuson as our Minister for Global Outreach and the election of two new elders, a membership report, a Treasurer’s Report, a report on the recent closing of our South Campus land purchase, and a final decision on a referred motion.

Minister for Global Outreach
Todd Rasmuson was affirmed in his new role as Minister for Global Outreach. (Todd had previously been serving as Interim Director for Global Outreach following Erik Hyatt’s transition to lead a Twin Cities church plant.)

Two New Elders
Rob Takata and Jared Wass were both affirmed as elders.

At the end of the meeting, the membership total was 3,143 members.

Funding for TCT Church Plant
Cleon Engel, Coordinator for TCT Church Planting Network and Bethlehem Fundraising, presented the elders’ recommendation for the 12th TCT church plant since 2002:
The elders recommend congregational approval of salary support for New City of Nations Church for Erik Hyatt and Kisongo Mbeleulu (part time) from the TCT church planting fund totaling $102,500 to be disbursed monthly for three years.

The congregation affirmed this recommendation.

Report on South Land in Lakeville
Jon Hendricks, elder and member of the South Site Search Committee, gave a report on land for the South Campus. As of Monday, July 23, Bethlehem now owns land in Lakeville for a South Campus. The committee recently selected an acoustical engineer who will be working with the architect.

Treasurer’s Report
See the July 29 Treasurer’s Report.

Report of the Elder Council on a Referred Motion
Elder Council Chairman Tim Johnson called for a vote on a referred motion that "Bethlehem go on record to formally support" after the congregation heard a report from the Council recommending that the motion not be adopted. The motion was opposed by voice vote. The motion was not carried.

At the July 2009 Quarterly Strategy Meeting, a motion was proposed that “Bethlehem go on record to formally support” Another motion was subsequently proposed to postpone the calling of the previous motion until an elder committee was able to bring something more definite before the congregation. Since that meeting, the pastoral staff wrote and the elders adopted a document, “Guidelines for Political Involvement” (in February 2010), which was subsequently revised by the pastoral staff and approved by the elders in January 2012, and highlighted and distributed at the January 2012 Quarterly Strategy Meeting. The document is available online at

Thanks to Church Clerk Sarah DeWire for her assistance in the preparation of this post.



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