Bethlehem's 3 campuses all have youth choirs that typically sing 4-5 times a year in our weekend worship services and for special events.  During practice times, children learn principles of biblical worship and the rudiments of music and singing.

If your child is interested in singing in a choir, join us for a rehearsal. New members are welcome throughout the year. Introduce yourself to the choir director, who will help your child get started.


Downtown Campus Youth Choirs

Wednesdays, 5:20-6:10pm

  • Music Makers Choir, grade K-1, Room 111
  • Carolers Choir, grades 2–5,  Room 114
  • Heart Cry Choir, grades 6–9, Choir Room

North Campus Youth Choirs

Wednesdays, 5:20-6:10pm

  • Music Makers Choir, grades K-1, Room A202
  • Joyful Praise Choir, grades 2–5, Room A204
  • Choristers Choir, grades 6–9, Room B306

South Campus Youth Choirs

Seasonal rehearsals and performances

If you have questions, contact your campus-specific Worship Department Ministry Assistant:

  • Downtown Campus: Contact Lydia Schlicht (612-338-7653 x425).
  • North Campus: Contact Kevin Shull (612-455-0800 x825).
  • South Campus: Contact Nick Roen (612-746-2650 x661).

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