We serve parents, prospective parents, and those interested in ministry to children.

Vision for Parenting

Two biblical institutions are charged with the responsibility of nurturing children’s faith.

  1. Home & Family: Parents are entrusted with the primary responsibility for the instruction of their children.
  2. Church: Through its various programs, the church aims to strengthen, confirm, and reinforce instruction in the home. Parenting ministries seeks to support, equip, and encourage parents in their efforts to raise children in the fear, trust and delight of the Lord. Read our Vision for Child and Youth Discipleship

Ministry to Parents

Child Dedications

This is an opportunity for parents to give public thanks to God for their children and to covenant with God and the congregation to raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord; and for the congregation to indicate their partnership in helping parents with this responsibility and privilege.

Parenting: The Early Years

  • This class (formerly Foundation Builders 1) lays a foundation for parents in the discipleship of their children and prepares parents for the promises they will be making in child dedication.
  • Fulfills the requirement for dedicating a child at Bethlehem
  • Class dates: January 17, 2015 (Downtown, North), February 7, 2015 (South), March 28, 2015 (Downtown, North)
  • Resources regarding Foundation Builders

Parenting Classes

This series of weekly classes (Downtown & North during the school year) is designed to equip and encourage parents in their crucial roles.

Parenting Seminars

A series of four quarterly parenting seminars, beginning with Parenting: The Early Years, and followed by three subsequent seminars which focus on parenting throughout childhood and into the teenage years, will be offered at the North Campus throughout the 2014-15 school year. More info and dates to come! 

Educational Options

This seminar is designed to help families make decisions about where and how to educate their children.

Youth Baptisms

Leaders of the church partner with parents to prepare young people for baptism and for the responsibility and privilege of church membership. Read more...

  • Youth Baptism Mentor Classes: 2015 Dates TBD

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