Through events and retreats for parents and children, Family Life encourages heads of households and families (and the wider church family) to mark milestones in their children’s lives, nurture parent-child relationships, and lead each family member to maturity in Christ.

Transition Years Activities and Events

From a day at the zoo to sons and fathers learning to worship God together, these events are designed to knit the hearts of the child with their parents and with the Lord. Each event:

  • Provides opportunities for parents to spend time with their grade 5 through grade 8 children in a variety of settings
  • Gives parents creative ways to engage their Transition Year (TY) child which are transferrable to the home setting

 Specific Transition Year Events:

Father-Son Quest

With the backdrop of a rustic north woods, this weekend is designed to help deepen relationships, build character, and nurture godly friendship. Fathers prepare beforehand to speak a blessing over their sons and mark a milestone to biblical manhood.

  • Spring and Fall of each year (May 24-26 Registration still available)
  • 3-day weekend getaway for fathers and sons age 12 and older
  • Register here

Family Prayer at the Arboretum

There will be two primary themes: 1) behold the wonders of creation and 2) behold the supreme glories of Jesus Christ the Son of God as you look at what God made through Him.

  • Fall 2014
  • For the whole family or a smaller portion of the family such as a father and son
  • A prayer guide informed by Scripture will be provided at the Arboretum to parents to lead their children in meaningful conversation, prayer, and song.

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