In Christ we are one body with many parts—each a unique gift of God to the church. Our vision is to be a local expression of "the Body" where people with special needs are welcomed, loved, and cared for in practical ways, and where they are able to serve and meaningfully engage in the life of the church.

Parish Nurse Ministry

A parish nurse partners in ministry with Bethlehem leadership for the physical and spiritual health of the Bethlehem community through visitation, education, and outreach. Fill out an application to be a Bethlehem parish nurse. For more information, contact Judy Anderson (651-895-1171).

Disability Ministry

Our Coordinators for Disability Ministry oversee our ministry to those with special needs. For more information about any aspect of our Disability Ministry/Special Needs, contact Brenda Thorsen (612-746-2650 x675) for the South Campus, Michelle Ryan (612-338-7653 x738) for the Downtown Campus, and Lee Burtman (612-455-0800 x736) for the North Campus. 

  • Accessibility
    All three of Bethlehem's sites offer handicapped accessibility.
  • Children With Disabilities
    Parents who have children needing special care are encouraged to learn more about our Disability Ministry. If you would like your child to be in the Nursery or Sunday School, it's helpful if you let us know you will be coming. Contact Brenda Thorsen (612-746-2650 x675) for the South Campus, Michelle Ryan (612-338-7653 x738) for the Downtown Campus, and Lee Burtman (612-455-0800 x736) for the North Campus. 
  • Interested in Being a Disability Volunteer?
    The Disability Ministry has volunteer opportunities available. All of our volunteers go through a Family Discipleship application process.
  • Individual Guidance
    We offer personal direction and guidance to help people with disabilities assimilate at Bethlehem.
  • A Very Special Resource
    The book Just the Way I Am, by Krista Horning, is available at our Bethlehem bookstores and the Bethlehem libraries. View the video by John Knight introducing this book.


Is your child struggling with impulsive behaviors or not seem to learn from consequences? Are typical parenting techniques not working? Your child could be living with neurological differences associated with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Learn more from a seminar given for those wanting to learn approaches to more effectively parent, teach, or mentor a child (or adult) living with FASD. 

Deaf Ministry

Because of transitions in our volunteer leadership, we are no longer able to support a Deaf ministry at Bethlehem. We continue to love the deaf people of the Twin Cities but feel the best way to support them is by re-directing them to other local ministries at this time.

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