What We Are

We're the Helping Hand Committee—financial help for our church family.

Whom We Serve

The closer your association with Bethlehem, the stronger our commitment to help meet your essential needs.

What We Do

  • see that the essential needs of every member are met
  • provide resources for managing your personal resources
  • provide an outlet for you to help others financially

How Can I Receive Help?

Call Joby Morgan in the church office at 612-338-7653 x460.

Factors Considered When Distributing Funds*

  • your relationship to the church
  • your demonstrated need
  • the ongoing nature of the need
  • your ability to earn an income
  • other resources potentially available to you-personal, family, government
  • your ability to demonstrate that you can make thoughtful decisions about your resources

* Free biblical financial counseling may be a prerequisite to assistance.

Time Line for Receiving Financial Assistance

About two weeks from day of initial request.

How Is Helping Hand Funded?

We are not a part of Bethlehem's operating budget. Our money is given over and above the regular expenses of the church through ...

  • a monthly offering taken after the services on the first weekend of the month
  • quarterly Helping Hand envelopes distributed with our regular giving envelopes
  • individuals giving toward a specifically known need.

Need More Information?

Read our policy handbook.

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