What Is Counseling at Bethlehem?

Foundationally, it’s the ability to bring the Word of God to bear on one another’s lives. Proverbs 20:5 says, “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Our elder-approved Guiding Philosophy for Counseling document provides more detail concerning our thinking on biblical counseling.

We have various counseling care options for those in need. We also have training for those wishing to help others.

Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)

“DART” is a group of volunteers, professionals, pastors, and elders who are trained to identify abuse (physical, mental, sexual, financial, or spiritual), to walk alongside and care for the abused, and to call abusers to repentance. 

If you need our help, or if someone you know at Bethlehem needs help, you can request confidential care at 612-338-7653 x789 or care@hopeinGod.org

Receiving Counsel

Layer 1: Small Groups

Bethlehem’s small group ministry is the ideal context for living out Scripture’s “one another” commands and where much preventive care takes place. These groups are designed to help you carry your burdens and guide you in your walk with God.

Layer 2: Elder/Pastoral Counsel and Prayer

Elders provide oversight of the church usually in a campus-specific capacity and can be available for prayer and/or counseling.

Layer 3: CARE Ministers

Individuals who have been trained and who have manifested a skill to help others through difficult times are available to talk.

Layer 4: Christian Counselors

We have information on Christian counselors with various specialties who may be available to provide you with additional counsel.

Training to Help Others

Layer 1: Biblical Counseling Courses

The basic courses of How People Change and Helping People Change, developed by the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, provide basic principles for biblical counseling in everyday situations. These classes are open to everyone and are offered at Bethlehem throughout the year. You can also visit the CCEF site for more information on their conferences and study programs.            

Layer 2: Additional Training

With the retirement of Pastor Tom Eckblad, transitions are underway for how Bethlehem will train church members to provide wise love (biblical counseling) to one another. Pray for the pastors and elders as they work through this process.

Layer 3: Peacemaker Ministries

Peacemaker Ministries training focuses on helping resolve conflict. Receiving the Peacemakers’ training will enable you to help others find Christ-centered solutions to relational conflicts. Training conferences are held periodically at Bethlehem.

Contact Information

If you are currently active at Bethlehem and have questions after reading about our options for receiving counsel or for being trained, contact:

  • North: Lynda Hansen, Administrative Assistant for Counseling, North Campus (612-455-0800 x800)
  • Downtown: Stephanie Denzer, Lead Administrative Assistant, Downtown Campus (612-338-7653 x437)
  • South: Ruth Chavis, Lead Administrative Assistant, South Campus (612-746-2650 x654)

If you are not currently active at Bethlehem please contact your home church pastor. 

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