We count it a particular blessing to have seniors share in our worship and ministry. Consider joining in on some of these opportunities for senior adults.

Do you ...

  • have a prayer request?
  • need to talk?
  • want someone to visit you?
  • have any questions related to our senior adult ministry?

E-mail us or call Keith Anderson, Interim Coordinator for Senior Adult Ministries, at 612-751-1446.

Read on for information about ...

  • Sunday School classes
  • Sojourners luncheons
  • Seniors small group
  • Overseas ministry opportunities

Sunday School Classes

All three campuses hold Sunday school classes for 55+ older adults, sometimes referred to as "empty-nesters" (mid-life and beyond, gray-haired and/or retired or not). Classes include fellowship, teaching, and encouragement.

Downtown Campus "King's Friends"

Our class unites around the celebration of the Word of God, prayer, fellowship, missions, and finishing well. We do plan to meet through most of the summer months.

Sundays, 10:45am
Downtown Campus, Room 114
Keith Anderson, 612-751-1446

North Campus "King's Friends"

(We meet every other week during the summer.) See calendar.

Sundays, 9:00am
North Campus, Room D500
Tim Lovestrand, 612-823-0490

South Campus "Finishers"

(Class breaks for the summer months.)

Sundays, 11am
South Site, Room C111
Tim Schroeder, 952-469-5297

Sojourners Luncheons

Sojourners is a lunchtime gathering for anyone 55+. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month (Noon-2:00pm) at our Downtown Campus. Come for a delicious luncheon, followed by a program. Meal cost is $5. (RSVP to 612-333-1194 by Monday at Noon.)

Seniors Small Group

Join a Small Group focused on passing our Christian legacy to our grandchildren.

Short Term Ministry Opportunities

Consider using your expertise and resources for God's work around the world. Here are some ways you could invest in ministry work in another country:

  • Offer maintenance help at a school or hospital
  • Create a business plan for a hospital
  • Write statement of purpose for a guest house
  • Serve as guest-house parents
  • Run a guest house
  • Go overseas as a school teacher
  • Input data for a ministry or business
  • Provide administrative/business support
  • Begin a tentmaking business
  • Provide computer support for missionaries
  • Run linguistic surveys
  • Run a 10-day tour of UAE to whet the interest of other Finishers
  • Go to Oman during Monsoon rain (vacation period for Emirates)
  • Serve as pulpit replacement
  • Coordinate Children's Backyard Bible studies
  • Lead a Vacation Bible Schools in a slum
  • Run seminars for professionals
  • Minister to students on a campus
  • Teach English at Santisuk School in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Recruit help for Santisuk School
  • Visit coffee houses to make friends & share Christ with people in other countries
  • Distribute literature on street corners or in shopping malls
  • Prayer walk

Contact us for more details on any of these activities-or about an idea of your own.

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