The Bethlehem Institute is the non-credit program division of Bethlehem College and Seminary and provides God-centered Bible and theology classes to men and women living in the Twin Cities area, whether they attend Bethlehem or not.

The Bethlehem Institute at a Glance

  • Classes available at all three Bethlehem locations during the Fall and Spring semesters
  • Summer classes available at the Downtown Campus
  • 6-week and 12-week courses
  • There is no tuition charged for classes
  • For some classes, there may be a charge for materials

Foundation Series

We have four core 12-week courses designed to teach the necessary skills for studying and understanding the Bible. Our hope is that every person who attends Bethlehem will take these courses:

  • Mining God's Word
  • God-Centered Living
  • Theological Foundations 1
  • Theological Foundations 2

Biblical Languages

Each year TBI offers a series of courses in biblical Greek and Hebrew. First-, second-, and third-year Greek classes are offered at the Downtown Campus every year. First-year Hebrew is typically offered, given enough registering students.

Additional Courses

In addition to the courses mentioned above, TBI offers a variety of courses available on a dynamic basis. They vary each semester from campus-to-campus and year-to-year, and are either 6 or 12 weeks long. Topics include ...

  • church history
  • racial harmony
  • biblical manhood & womanhood
  • the biblical basis for being pro-life
  • doctrines of grace
  • the pleasures of God

Bethlehem College and Seminary

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