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Date & Time: 
Friday, May 9, 2014 - 5:00pm - 9:45pm
North Campus: Sanctuary

We are pleased to welcome Faith Biblical Counseling for a third year as they present a Regional Biblical Counseling Training over three weekends this Spring. This year, Track 1 and Track 3 training sessions will be offered (details below). We encourage you to make plans to attend all the sessions in your track over the course of the three weekends.

2014 Dates
March 14-15, April 4-5, May 9-10
Fridays, 5–9:45pm & Saturdays, 8am–5pm

You can register online or print a form at Regional Biblical Counseling Training.

Rates for registration received by Feb 19:
$255 (single), $410 (married couple), or $160 (student)

Rates for registration received by March 10:
$280 (single), $435 (married couple), or $185 (student)

Rates for late registration received after March 10:
$305 (single), $460 (married couple), or $210 (student)

More Information & Contact Info
Conference details are available at Regional Biblical Counseling Training.

Bethlehem Baptist Church Contact: Lynda Hansen; 612-455-0800 


Track 1 & 3 Overview and Topics

Track 1: Foundations
Track One begins laying the foundation of biblical counseling principles and practices, family relationships, and the Christian life.  This is the track required for NANC certification. 

Track 1 topics include:

  • Key Elements of Biblical Counseling
  • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical
  • Doctrine of Spiritual Growth
  • Trials and Suffering
  • Marriage Roles and Parenting
  • Rules of Communication
  • Depression
  • Forgiveness
  • Anger, Fear, and Worry
  • Video Case Observation

Track 3: Adding the Structure 2
This track is designed to add the structure to the foundation built in your prior counseling training in Track 1 & 2.

Track 3 topics include: 

  • How to Counsel All types of Addiction
  • Putting Your Past in Its Place
  • Financial Counseling: Connecting the Gospel to the Wallet
  • Helping Singles Glorify God
  • The Role Deception Plays in Stimulating Idolatry
  • Working with a Physician
  • Listening: A Key Skill for Counselors
  • How to Develop Spiritual Maturity
  • Spiritual Warfare in the family
  • Video Case Observation

A Word of Encouragement from Pastor Jason Meyer

There are many good things that we could do as a church, but we all recognize our limitations. We cannot do everything. Therefore, we have to make priorities. In the past, we have made biblical counseling one of those priorities. What about the future? I am thrilled to see that there is an even greater wave of energy and excitement for biblical counseling coming. I want to ask you ride that wave with us. It is a good thing. In fact, I believe it is a God thing.

We want Bethlehem to be saturated with the word of God so that together we can corporately be like one mighty oak of righteousness planted by the streams of the water of the Word. Now change the image. The corporate expression of Bethlehem is made up of many believers. Imagine those believers as a forest of trees soaking up the water of life. What fruit would those trees bear in season through biblical counseling training? What would the impact be on families, marriages, and small groups (and many more)? I am excited to see what the Lord will do through this movement in the days ahead.

One thing is for sure. The word of the Lord will not return to him empty, but full—for it will fulfill the purpose for which he sent it.

Jason Meyer
Pastor for Preaching & Vision
Bethlehem Baptist Church

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