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Date Given: 
June 26, 2012
TO:  Elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church

FROM: Pastor for Global Outreach Search Committee (Steve Stein, Ken Currie, Pastor Brad Nelson, Ruth Bauman, Mark Lundstedt, Joby Morgan, with assistance from Pastor Kenny Stokes and Will Barkley)

RE:  Recommending Todd Rasmuson 
The Pastor for Global Outreach Search Committee is unanimously recommending Todd Rasmuson as the candidate for the Pastor for Global Outreach position. 


Bethlehem has a rich history of God’s obvious work to reach the nations:
  • Bethlehem has had two Missions pastors to date—Tom Steller and Erik Hyatt. 
  • Bethlehem currently supports more than 100 Global Outreach families all over the world.
  • Each campus has a Global Outreach Team to help care for our global partners. 
  • The elders appointed a search committee September 2011, led by Steve Stein.  
  • The search committee received applications from around the world. We seriously considered eight applicants (two from inside the church and six outside the church) and interviewed four.
  • The committee sought feedback about Todd from all of pastors and elders, the Global Outreach staff, the Global Outreach teams, and our global partners.
  • After prayer, the search committee unanimously recommends Todd.


What are Todd’s qualifications?
  • Todd belongs to Jesus. When Todd was a child, God touched Todd’s heart with the gospel story through his sister after she returned from a church camp. Over the years, God has provided Todd with a number of mentors and teachers. Todd’s desire is to use his life and gifts to glorify God by advancing the cause of Global Outreach.
  • Todd knows Bethlehem and many of our global partners. He’s been a member since 1987 and an elder since 2006. This means that he understands the challenges and complexities of Bethlehem as both a leader and as a former global partner, and he would be uniquely suited to transition into this role and provide leadership and pastoral care at Bethlehem (which he is already doing).
  • Todd knows missions, both as a missionary and as a missions leader. Bethlehem sent him as one of our long-term global partners. In 1994 he went out with Mission: Moving Mountains, serving in Tanzania as a missionary for eight years, and then as their president for four years (until they merged with another agency). He was then Executive Director of Daystar University in Kenya for five years.
  • Todd’s experience not only shows he knows Bethlehem and missions, but that he has a calling and proven experience as an elder and in pastoral ministry.
  • Todd’s wife, Tamara, is very supportive and eager to help Todd in this ministry.
More reasons we’re recommending him …
  • In addition to what’s been stated, Todd is eager to continue his long-term commitment to the church, feeling called to this role for the long haul.
  • The search committee includes the GO Pastor’s direct supervisor (Ken Currie) and a very close colleague (Brad Nelson). The combination of “upward” and “partnership” staff support is encouraging. 
  • We’ve received many very positive notes from people on our Global Outreach teams and our global partners, and the elders have enthusiastically encouraged us to bring Todd into the important role.
  • Even through a long process, sometimes with difficult questions, Todd has humbly moved forward, all the while serving as our Interim Director for Global Outreach. 

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