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David Livingston
Date Given: 
September 1, 2011

Treasuring Christ Together

TCT is our ongoing strategy to fulfill our mission through a multiplying movement of campuses, new churches, and a Global Diaconate, united by a common mission and founded on a common biblical life and doctrine.

Campusing Update, September 2011

South Campus Property Update
The Elders, along with the South Site Selection Team, have decided not to proceed with the purchase of the Jurel Way property in Lakeville.

Due to factors like the steep pitch of the land, the city’s requirement to build a road through part of the land, and the presence of wetlands that had to be avoided, Jurel Way’s remaining useable space would have required constructing a more expensive two-story building and left no room for future expansion.

We’re thankful to God for answering our prayers regarding the unsuitability of this site, and we now ask you to join in prayer with the South Site Selection Team in quickly discovering the better location he has had for us all along.

Pray that ...

  • We will unite and draw us together as we seek to provide a campus to reach more people for Christ in the south metro area.
  • We would patiently wait for God’s direction and be reminded of the grace and mercy he has showered on Bethlehem for 140 years.
  • The South Site Selection Team will soon discover the location that God has for our South Campus.


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