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Todd Rasmuson
Date Given: 
February 10, 2011

Treasuring Christ Together

TCT is our ongoing strategy to fulfill our mission through a multiplying movement of campuses, new churches, and a Global Diaconate, united by a common mission and founded on a common biblical life and doctrine.

Global Diaconate Update, February 2011

During the 4th quarter of 2011, Bethlehem, through the Global Diaconate, blessed impoverished people in four parts of the world in the name of Jesus.

A library in Central Asia will increase community involvement and provide a basic need to families in poverty—educating their children. Books and other resources will provide a door into the lives of many who would otherwise have no way to experience the love of Christ.

We’re partnering with World Relief in a grassroots initiative called “Families for Life”—a program designed to grow the church in rural Hindu India and to preserve the integrity of families and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

A Bethlehem team currently serving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (February 7–20), is bringing Global Diaconate funds to print the “For Your Joy” tract (in Amharic) and to provide food for HIV/AIDS-infected neighbors near Addis Kidan Baptist Church.

The Home and Ministry Place Building Project will further the ministry of global partners Joe & Cara Herzberg in Senegal, West Africa. This building will serve as a home for a Wolof Muslim background believer in Christ who will be ministering to impoverished children as well as doing “Discipling for Development” with Joe & Cara.

See also the Global Diaconate blog (now located at under “News & Events.”)

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